Rand McNally ELD 50 E-Log for Android and iOS

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Rand McNally ELD 50 E-Log for Android and iOS

Item Number:  313855

Price: $181.99

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Compliance simplified, secured, solved.
The ELD 50 is an electronic logging device that plugs into the 9-pin diagnostic port below the dash. It's just that easy, installs in seconds.
With an affordable monthy service plan, required, viewing and certifying HOS logs is a snap.
Through a Bluetooth connection, the ELD 50 will upload all of your logs into the free Rand McNally DriverConnect app, which is available for the TND 740, TND Tablet 80, and other iOS or Android 4.4 and newer devices. No additional hardware required. Use the app to view and certify logs, as well as complete DVIRs.
DriverConnect app syncs automatically with the web portal where you can view, print and save up to 6 months worth of E-Log history, as well as review DVIRs and IFTA fuel-tax reporting. Own a small fleet? You can view truck locations and statuses. App also has bonus access to a gauge dashboard with info on 10 diagnostics; fuel economy, boost pressure, gallons per hour, battery voltage, coolant temp and oil pressure.

NOTE: Not compatible with TND Tablet 70 and older Android devices.