Quiet Muffler Insert for 6 Stacks

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Quiet Muffler Insert for 6" Stacks

Item Number:  45344

Price: $139.99

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Keep it quiet! This aluminized muffler insert will decrease your noise output. Inserts in 6" stacks. 38" Length. 5 7/8" O.D. Muffler must be forced into the stack from the bottom with substantial pressure. Accepted as highway mufflers by the California Highway Patrol (CHP). They are in compliance with the Heavy Duty Trucks noise limits mandated by paragraph 27204 of the California Vehicle Code. Can be used on single or dual exhaust stacks. Free flow, does not effect back pressure. Lowers decibels by 7-9 DBA.
Sold individually.

Not intended for use with DPF systems.
Installation note: The end with the most perforated holes goes towards the bottom. Muffler should sit inside the stack as shown in the picture.