Nitro-Lux LED Headlight Bulbs

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Nitro-Lux LED Headlight Bulbs

Item Number:  355796

Price: $272.99 - $272.99

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Putco Nitro-Lux series LED headlight bulbs have the highest, most powerful output Putco has ever made, and are the most advanced LED kit available in the world. Designed for maximum down-the-road visibility and brightness. Made in the USA.

Sold as a pair.

  • 6500k color temperature
  • 5000 Lumens
  • High spec tower is fully anodized non-reflective nickel finish to eliminate light ray interference inside lamp
  • Easy-Clock™ collar for quick and easy adjustment of light beam
  • Super slim Nitro-Lux™ LED fits modern headlamp housing
  • Exclusing solid-state heat sink for maximum performance, long life, and superior scientifically proven heat mitigation
  • Anti-flicker driver box, 100% waterproof, miniature capacitors eliminate external anti-flicker module
  • Nylon braided sleeve is abrasion and UV resistant
  • Precision terminal systems for perfect fitment with existing OEM harness, 100% waterproof and dust proof
  • Twist lock and slide pressure locks for OEM guarantee contact points
  • 1 year warranty