Jotto Desk Universal Floor Mount with Cable-Dock

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Jotto Desk Universal Floor Mount with Cable-Dock

Item Number:  200117

Price: $215.99

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Jotto Desk universal floor mount with cable-dock laptop desktop. Features: ABS cable dock desktop, Articulated swing arm, Telescoping rod and stand assembly, Ratchet handles, Hex head cap screws and lock washers, One piece mounting base. 10" x 12" x 1" ABS plastic desktop. 6" square base. Height: 16.25" - 21.75". ABS cable dock desktop rotates 360* with ergonomic platform tilt. 2 nylon coated stainless steel cables secure notebook computer to desktop. "One hand" operation for removing and securing computer. 6 foam pads lift the computer offof the desktop providing shock absorbtion and air flow under computer.Articulated swing arm rotates 360* around stand and extends 13-3/8". Ratchet handles secure swing arm in position at elbow and stand. Telescoping rod and stand assembly extends desktop heigh, travels inside of stand. Ratchet handles secure swing arm positioning and allows for 360* swing arm rotation. Hex head cap skrews and lock washers secure rod in stand at desired height and stand to base. One piece mounting base made of 3/16" gauge steel. This one piece design increases overall studiness and frees up leg room.