HV-350 Adhesive

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HV-350 Adhesive

Item Number:  166112

Price: $7.99

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HV-350 is a one-part, multi-purpose adhesive that outperforms any glue, epoxy or silicone on the market today. Due to its tremendous elasticity, HV-350 is ideal for high-vibration applications and can be stretched up to 600% of its original length.
Use HV-350 to adhere mats, repair fiberglass, mend rips in wet suits, waterproof electrical compoenets, attach pastic and carbon fiber parts and so much more! Unlike silicone, it can be sanded and then painted with either oil-based or water-based paint. Use it on a variety of surfaces from porous cinder blocks to nonporous metal and glass.
Use HV-350 in marine, plumbing, motorcycle, home improvement, automotive, industrial, and arts-and-crafts applications. In its fully cured state, HV-350 maintains its adhesive and sealant properties even when completely submerged in water, making it ideal for watercraft.