C-Bond NanoShield Plus™ Windshield Kit

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C-Bond NanoShield Plus™ Windshield Kit

Item Number:  348181

Price: $49.99

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Protect your windshield with NanoShield™ technology. C-Bond NanoShield Plus™ is a patent-protected glass strengthener designed to improve windshield safety and increase impact resistance to road hazards that cause chips and cracks.

This "smart solution" is engineered to seek out microscopic flaws and defects that are a natural part of every glass surface. The solution covalently bonds to and repairs these surface imperfections, dramatically increasing the structural integrity of the glass. Increases impact resistance up to 80%.

Easy to apply. Clean windshield with pre-treatment, spray protectant on, squeegee into place. Do not wet glass for 24 hours.

One kit needed per windshield.

Kit includes: Pre-Treatment spray, C-Bond NanoShield Plus™ protectant solution, squeegee, two microfiber cloths, installation sticker, and instructions.