BUG-A-SALT The Original Salt Gun Camo

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BUG-A-SALT The Original Salt Gun Camo

Item Number:  287924

Price: $55.99

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Fire your fly swatter and get the bug-a-salt! This bug killing device uses ordinary table salt to annihilate pesky flys without splattering them. Non-toxic, no batteries. Excellent for flys on windows, ceilings and in corners. Holds about 50 shots. Will not penetrate skin or damage furniture. Accurate within 3 feet of target. AGE: 18+

  • Lift loader cap and pour in granulated table salt.
  • Slide cocking handle towards you and push away towards gun barrel. This action activates auto-safety latch and a pop-up sight will appear, which means it's ready to fire!
  • Release auto-safety latch by clicking it toward yourself.
  • Aim at target and fire.
  • Say goodbye to insect intruders!

    Upgrade your aim with a Bug-Beam laser sight, item 328585, sold separately.

    Also available in yellow, item 253856.