Atlas II ActiveVRS UltraLeather Seat

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Atlas II ActiveVRS UltraLeather Seat

Item Number:  316665

Price: $1,524.99 - $1,524.99

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Tired of aches, pains and other health problems caused by sitting, vibrating and "bottoming out" down the road all day?
Whole body vibration (WBV) causes muscle fatigue, discomfort, headache and motion sickness, as well as long-term health issues like spinal disc disease, sciatic pain, herniated discs and low back pain.
Sears Atlas II ActiveVRS truck seat is proven to reduce exposure to WBV by incorporating an active magnetic ride suspension system. The system is comprised of an active magnetic damper, a controller with an integrated position sensor, and an air reservoir. This system works to lower the natural frequency to reduce vibrations, including the "chatter" drivers experience when driving.
Results: The Sears Atlas II ActiveVRS truck seat had 57% less vibration transmitted to the operator on the vertical acceleration axis than the competitive truck seats. Also delivers improved vibration isolation over the standard Atlas II seat.
Example: On a rough road during an 8 hour shift, ActiveVRS can lower exposure to WBV from 32%, up to 65% better the competition. Resulting in less fatigue and a healthier operator.

Fits PACCAR trucks only.
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