AlumaClear Shine & Shield Kit

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AlumaClear Shine & Shield Kit

Item Number:  304338

Price: $129.99
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Everything you need to clean and protect aluminum surfaces. Reveal the hidden beauty, shine and gloss of aluminum. One kit will cover 6 semi wheels and 2 fuel tanks.

Kit includes two cans of AlumaClear aluminum clearcoat spray 16 oz., a spray can trigger, AlumaPolish 8 8 oz., Axalta 105 lacquer thinner 1 gal., one orbit buffing bonnet, two pairs of industrial gloves, two polishing cloths, two finishing cloths, and a reusable 4 gallon bucket with lid and handle (13.5"H x 9"W). Made in the USA.

AlumaClear lasts up to 2 years on most vehicles. Use laquer thinner and reapply AlumaClear as needed.

How To Use:
IMPORTANT! To ensure proper adhesion of AlumaClear clearcoat, the surface MUST be cleaned thoroughly!
1. Using AlumaPolish, hand or machine polish aluminum surface until desired finish is obtained.
2. Clean polished surface with lacquer thinner and white, absorbent paper towel. Repeat as needed until no black residue appearson the paper towel.
3. Apply AlumaClear as directed on can.