Alcoa One-Piece Rear Axle Cover Unimount 10 Lug

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Alcoa One-Piece Rear Axle Cover Unimount 10 Lug

Item Number:  159856

Price: $146.99

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One-piece axle cover system for unimount wheels. Easy installation and removal for DOT inspections. Chrome plastic, bright and shiny finish. Fits 22.5" or 24.5" unimount 10-lug 33mm wheels. Nut covers are not removable.

Sold individually.

1. Using a short handle rubber mallet, install the hub cover by hitting cylinder positions with reinforcement springs. Reinforcement springs are visible on the back side of the cover around cylinders underneath lug nut features.
2. Continue hitting lug nut features around the circumference of the cap until fully installed. The cap will contact the wheel.
3. To remove, locate removal notches between lug nut features. Insert removal tool (included) into notch on side of hub covers. Using the tool with a rotating action begin to separate hub cover away from wheel face. Repeat action around rim of cover counterclockwise until rull removed.

Matching front axle covers available, item 159855.