12 Volt Bunk Warmer 36

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12 Volt Bunk Warmer 36"

Item Number:  12336

Price: $99.99

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Save fuel and engine wear by not having to idle the engine while you sleep. Keep warm, sleep comfortably and soundly on those cold nights with this 12 volt bunk warmer. Pre-warm your bunk to soothe and relax tired legs and back. Automatic Comfort Control thermostat regulates heat based on the selected setting. Adjusts heat for any change in cab temperature. Very low amp draw, 6.2 amps maximum. No problems starting the truck after use. Universal size 36" x 60". For use on various bunk sizes from 34" to 42" wide, up to 80" long. Remember - sleep ON it, not UNDER it. 30 day satisfaction guarantee. 1 year manufacturer's warranty.
Sold individually.