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Safety & Oversize

Semi truck safety products are vital for ensuring safety on the road whether you're hauling oversized loads or driving the pilot car. Oversize loads are those that exceed maximum standards established for height, length, and width. States generally establish their own standards, but many are consistent with 13.5 to 14.5 feet for height and 8.5 feet for width. Regulated semi-truck lengths vary a great deal from one state to another.

Permits and Compliance Regulations

As you prepare your semi to enter traffic with an oversize load, you need a permit from the appropriate authorities and several oversize load accessories. Permits are generally available through the Department of Transportation or a branch of the Department of Revenue. Review the permit requirements for each state on your trip. Most states require a yellow and black sing or banner held in place by oversize load sign brackets at the front and back of the vehicle(s).

Banners, Flags, and Lights

Other safety equipment, such as warning flags held in place with oversize load flag holders, is available through Iowa 80. These flags should be attached at each corner of an oversize load or at the ends of a simple protrusion. Depending on when you plan to travel, red, amber, or flashing lights may also be required. Check out the selection of safety products at Iowa 80 before you head out on the highway without the required flags and lights.

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