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Cleaning Kits

For many truckers, keeping your rig shiny and clean is a point of pride. It’s not always easy keeping up with the dirt and grime that comes from the road and the weather, but it’s always important. Get help keeping your vehicle in order with cleaning kits for semi trucks, available at Iowa 80.

Metal Polishing Kits 

The most noticeable parts on any truck are those made of chrome, aluminum or other shining metals. Semi cleaning supplies include a variety of kits to help you keep them beautifully polished. Many include items such as:

  • Buffing wheels
  • Microfiber applicator pads
  • Compound bars
  • Polishing pads
  • Scuff pads
  • Metal polish
  • Grit discs

Save yourself the expense and hassle of having chrome shined on the road with help from an inexpensive kit. Or, keep a kit on hand for fast and easy touch-ups between professional polishing.

Headlight Restoration 

There’s no need to replace headlight or taillight covers that are faded and yellowed with age and travel. Choose a headlight restoration kit that clears the age away. With a buffing ball, scuffing pad, speed wax and polish, you can quickly restore all acrylic coverings to a like-new condition that allows the full force of the light to clear your way at night.

Detail Kit

When you’re pressed for time, use a quick detail kit that gives you a presentable cab and truck in half the time. A combined wax and polish that cleans as you go means you can cut down on cleaning time and still look great. The Zephyr kit also includes a spray-on protectant that works on multiple surfaces, so there’s no need to use several different products.

Shop for Cleaning Kits 

With everything you need to keep your rig sparkling, the best semi truck cleaning kits are available at Iowa 80. Multiple items in each kit range from cleaning products and cloths to buffers and more. Browse for the supplies you need today.

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