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Watermelon Lights for Trucks, Peterbilt & Universal

Watermelon LED Lights, Cab Lights, Brackets and More

With their distinctive fruit-like shape, watermelon lights give you the function and form you desire for your rig's exterior and interior. Designed to enhance your vision, visibility, safety and style, this type of truck lighting packs a powerful punch. Do you need to replace a burned-out LED cab light or want to brighten your cab with an interior flush mount product? Iowa 80 has the watermelon light to meet your specific needs and wants.

Shop a Wide Range of Watermelon Lights

When you're looking for watermelon lights for semi-trucks, turn to Iowa 80. We stock a wide range of high-quality products with features that improve your on-the-road lifestyle. Browse watermelon lights for decoration, dual function, interior, marker and other uses. Their connection types include double-, triple- and four-bullet plug-ins as well as hard-wired and two-prong options. Whether you want 3- or 3.5-inch lights with or without visors, we stock them. We also give you the chance to compare products, read consumer reviews and ask questions so that you can make the best product and purchasing decision for your semi and budget.

Customize Your Rig With Watermelon Lights

Thanks to today's wide range of high-technology products, you can customize your rig with colored or multicolored and incandescent or LED watermelon lights. Customization not only lets you further enhance your vision and visibility but also promotes your style and personality. Choose from amber, blue, green, and many other colors. You can also opt for dual-revolution LED lights that enhance your bumper or sleeper with multiple diodes, producing a changing stream of colors. Aside from customizing light and lens colors, you can also choose to customize by material. For example, give your truck that sleek, classic look with chrome die-cast light housings. When you want to find the best watermelon lights for your rig, head to Iowa 80 for choice, quality and price.

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