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Two-Prong Lights for Semi Trucks

Shop Two-Prong Semi Truck Lights at Iowa 80

If you are one of the more than three million people working across the country as a truck driver, you know the importance of a well-functioning rig to get you safely from point A to point B. Technology has been used in ways that continue to benefit the trucking industry, especially in the area of LED lights. LED lights for semi trucks have led to greater visibility, as well as saving money on bulbs.

Two-Prong Light Selection

Here at Iowa 80 we offer a variety of two-prong lights. We have LED to Incandescent and 2" to 6". Check out the different styles such as spyder, beehive, millenium, and more!  

Improve Your Drive With LED Lighting for Semi Trucks

At Iowa 80, our range of LED light options can make your drive safer and easier to manage. With brighter diodes and different color options housed in high-impact resistant casings, you increase your visibility to other drivers on the road regardless of the conditions you are driving in. Your rig will get an update through modern lighting designs, but your drive will improve with new LED lights purchased from Iowa 80.

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