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Technology has advanced in ways that continue to benefit the trucking industry. For example, technologically advanced LED lights for semi trucks lead to greater sight improvement. Another enhancement includes the ability to save money on bulb replacements and lighting system power drains. 

Improve Your Safety  

Reliable, bright lighting is required to legally operate a semi over long distances under changeable weather and road conditions. LED lights are superior for a number of reasons. You can upgrade incandescent lights to safer LED options for your semi, which yield higher visibility to other drivers on the road. In surveys, LED lights are favored by 90% of truckers. They are versatile and can be used in many applications. An LED double face light can improve light signals for turn and stop functions.

Boost Your Power 

Semi trucks with an LED lighting system avoid the irritating task of frequently replacing burned out incandescent bulbs. Theselights significantly increase light output and have greater longevity. Many LED lights are rated to function approximately 50 times longer than incandescent lights and are surprisingly easy on power. They draw lower amperage than incandescent lights, making it possible for you to add additional lighting without overburdening your power system.

Brighten Your Lights 

A round, 4" double-faced LED light contains 60 bright diodes, with 30 amber and 30 red per side. The diodes are housed in tough polycarbonate and can resist high-impact road conditions. For additional strength and visual appeal, you can add chrome support. Most LEDs are DOT compliant for legal street driving and add a valuable increase in light distribution during hazardous driving. 

LED pearl lights come in a wide variety of colors and sizes. They give your rig a clean and modern look; plus, they are easy to place where you want them. If you haven't upgraded your semi's lights yet, shop the Iowa 80 lights section forlarge variety of handy options. You'll be amazed at the upgrade they make in your semi's performance and style.

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