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Freightliner Lights

It's tough to keep your eyes on the road with dull or burned-out headlights. Whether you're cruising across the country or taking your rig for short-haul trips around your area, get the most out of your replacement Freightliner lights with our wide selection of LED lights. Shop for oval headlights, bezeled headlights and marker lights to keep your rig well-lit wherever you need to go.

LED Brilliance

The future of lighting is LED. These lights burn cooler, use less energy, offer more Lumens and have longer lifespans than typical light bulbs. Shop for a range of LED lights for Freightliner Columbia that offer brighter low beams and high beams.

Many headlight options offer marker lights and daytime running lights for safety, both day and night. Amber marker lights keep your truck visible no matter the weather, and LED turn signals let everyone on the road know where you're heading.

Unlike older headlights that have a yellow or amber color, LED lights project white light to help increase your visibility. Foggy days, thunder showers and sudden blizzards all make it extremely difficult to see on the road without proper illumination.

DOT Approved

These headlights are bright, but not too bright. Our headlights are DOT approved to provide you with safe and legal illumination on the road. When you're choosing new headlights, unapproved bulbs can be a distraction to other drivers and cause unsafe conditions. Choose approved LED lights to maximize your visibility while keeping other drivers safe.

Additional Lighting

LED lights aren't just for headlights. Swap your outdated marker lights with Freightliner LED lights. Mirror-mounted LED lights provide increased visibility for other drivers, and can also include a mirror-mounted turn signal to help communicate your turns more effectively.

It's easy to see how LED lights can improve your rig. Shop for the products that match your Freightliner and enjoy efficient, long-lasting illumination on your next haul.

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