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Seat Covers

Working over the road often means living over the road. Whether it’s first opening a coffee flask, settling in to eat a meal or getting back in the cab after doing a quick inspection, spills and dirt happen. A simple and cost-effective way to keep stains at bay is semi truck seat covers. Available in many styles, fabrics and comfort levels, Iowa 80 makes it easy to get the custom look and fit you need.

Additional Benefits

While protecting the seats, which are costly to replace or refinish, may be the ultimate reason behind searching semi truck seats available, they also provide a number of other benefits. In the past, semi seat covers may not have been that advanced, but technology has changed all that. Many are available with memory foam or padding to reduce stress on the body while others are designed with heating and cooling functions to help you better enjoy the ride. Long periods of time can make muscles tense along the spine. For people who deal with that issue, it might be worth considering a cover with strategically placed massage bubbles. Along with added comfort and support that a protective cover provides, it also lets you personalize your ride. If you have a favorite color, pattern or material, they are a great way to show off your personality and keep your cab looking sharp and appealing. They are available in corduroy, leather, velour and other materials, as well as let you show off a passion for your favorite character, sports team or farm equipment. No matter your preference, you can count on new covers creating a more personal feel to your rolling office.

Easy Installation and Minimal Maintenance

The plethora of big rig seat covers means there is something for every budget, making them a much better option that leaving them unprotected. While there are some universal covers, many are designed for specific manufacturers, such as Freightliner, International, Kenworth and Peterbilt. Since time also matters, installing them is a breeze compared to the effort required to reupholster a seat. Each comes with easy-to-read instructions for a perfect fit. Once they are installed, there is one last thing you have to worry about. Although leather covers require hand washing, most are made to be stain- and water-resistant and machine washable. If a big spill happens or mud gets caked in, simply toss them in the laundry and you are back to having your cab looking its best.

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