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  1. ZenEclipse SunBlockers
    ZenEclipse SunBlockers
    Item: 433527
    $89.99 - $100.99
    PB 335 2006 and newer
    PB 337 2006 and newer
    PB 348 2006 and newer
    PB 365
    PB 367
    PB 379 2005-2007 w/o vent window
    PB 384
    PB 386
    PB 388
    PB 389
    PB 330 2006 and newer
    PB 330 2005 and older
    PB 357
    PB 378
    PB 359
    PB 375
    PB 377
    PB 379 2004 and older w/ vent window
    PB 567
    PB 579
    PB 387
    PB 587
    PB 362
    KW T400 1993 and older
    KW T450 1993 and older
    KW T600 1993 and older
    KW T800 1993 and older
    KW W900 1993 and older
    KW T170
    KW T270
    KW T300
    KW T440
    KW T470
    KW T600
    KW T660
    KW T800
    KW W900
    KW T680
    KW T880
    KW W990
    KW K100C
    KW K100E
    KW T700
    KW T2000
    FL Cascadia 2007-2017
    FL Cascadia 2018 and newer
    FL Columbia
    FL Century
    FL Coronado 122 2009 and older
    FL Coronado 132 2009 and older
    FL Coronado 122 2010 and newer
    FL Coronado 132 2010 and newer
    FL Classic
    FL Classic XL
    FL FLD 112
    FL FLD 120
    FL FLD 132
    FL Classic w/ vent window
    FL Classic XL w/ vent window
    FL FLD 112 w/ vent window
    FL FLD 120 w/ vent window
    FL FLD 132 w/ vent window
    FL White Cabover
    FL FL112
    FL FL112 w/ vent window
    FL FL150
    FL FL150 w/ vent window
    FL FL60
    FL FL60 w/ vent window
    FL FL70 w/ vent window
    FL FL80 w/ vent window
    FL FL80
    FL FL90
    FL FL90 w/ vent window
    FL FL100
    FL FL100 w/ vent window
    FL FL70
    Volvo VNL
    Volvo VHD
    Volvo VNR
    Volvo VNX
    Volvo VNM
    INTL Lonestar 2018 and newer
    INTL Prostar
    INTL Lonestar 2017 and older
    INTL Prostar w/ vent window
    INTL Lonestar 2017 and older w/ vent window
    INTL 9100 1999 and older
    INTL 9200 1999 and older
    INTL 9300 1999 and older
    INTL 9400 1999 and older
    INTL 9900 1999 and older
    Mack CH 2003 and older
    Mack CL 2003 and older
    Mack CX 2003 and older
    Mack Superliner 2003 and older
    Mack Vision 2003 and older
    Mack CH 2002 and newer
    Mack CL 2002 and newer
    Mack CX 2002 and newer
    Mack Vision 2002 and newer
    Mack Anthem 2002 and newer
    WS 4800 1996 and older
    WS 4900 1996 and older
    WS 4700 1997 and newer
    WS 4800 1997 and newer
    WS 4900 1997 and newer
    WS 5700 1997 and newer
    INTL Cabover 9600-9800
    INTL 9100 2000 and newer
    INTL 9200 2000 and newer
    INTL 9400 2000 and newer
    INTL 9900 2000 and newer
    FL M2 106
    FL M2 106 w/ vent window
    FL M2 112
    FL M2 112 w/ vent window
  2. Five-Hole Hub Adapter
    Five-Hole Hub Adapter
    Item: 198947
    $103.99 - $146.99
    Kenworth 1986-5/1995, Adjustable Column
    Kenworth 2003-2013
    Kenworth 5/1995-3/1997, Adjustable Column
    Kenworth COE 1972-3/1997, Fixed Column
    Kenworth CONV 1970 and Newer Fixed Column
    Kenworth T660, T800, W900 2014 and Newer
    KW 2014 T680, T880 w/o switches
    KW 3/2001-2002 40 Spline
    KW 4/1997-3/2001 36 Spline
    KW SmartWheel 2000 and Newer
    Mack 1950 and Newer, 1in Shaft Size
    Mack 1950 and Older, 1-1/8in Shaft Size
    Mack 5/2001 and Newer with stability control
    PB 587, 567, 579 2014 and newer
    PB COE 1972 and older
    PB COE 1973-4/1998, Fixed Column
    PB Conventional 1975-4/1998, Fixed Column
    Peterbilt 1986-5/1993, Adjustable Column
    Peterbilt 2006-2013
    Peterbilt 386, 389 2014 and Newer
    Peterbilt 4/1998-2005
    Peterbilt 5/1993-4/1998, Adjustable Column
    Volvo adjustable at lever
    Volvo FH 1995-2002
    Volvo VN single horn only
    Western Star 10/1998-2012, Adjustable Column
    Western Star 1986-9/1998, Adjustable Column
    Western Star 2013 and Newer, Adjustable Column
    Western Star Fixed Column
    Coaches 1966-1980
    Freightliner 1976-1988
    Freightliner 2007 and newer, 72 Spline
    GMC Brigadier all models
    Ford L Series
    Freightliner 1989-2006, 36 Spline
    Freightliner Cascadia 2007-2011, 72 Spline
    Fixed or Adjustable
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Truck Interior Accessories and Products for Your Semi

Interior Semi Truck Accessories at Iowa 80

When it seems like you spend more time in your truck than out of it, you need to make sure each drive is a comfortable one. Not only that, but your cab is your office, and it needs to reflect the kind of person you are. Our selection of semi truck interior accessories is unparalleled; from interior door panels to floor mats, we offer the best in the industry so you can feel at home even when you’re on the road.

Personalized Touches

We ensure that accessorizing your cab with the best semi truck interior parts is as easy as turning the key in the ignition. Don't settle for hunkering down on a hard bed. Rejuvenate overnight with a solid night's rest. Our collection of cool gel mattresses, plush blankets and sheet sets provide comfort and luxury.

Your truck is a second home. Let it fit you and your style. With a wide selection of steering wheels in classic wood, stylish chrome, comfortable plastic, or the 4 spoke leather steering wheel, your dash is transformed to fit your style. Support your back and turn your long trek into an enjoyable, ache-free ride. Add a gel seat cushion or change out your older seat for one of our leather, ergonomic products designed to keep you focused on the road and free of lower back pain.

Protective Wear

Your cab gets a lot of wear and tear, and we can provide the products you need to get things back into shape. Check out our thermoplastic floor mats to keep your cab free of dirt, water and even freshly poured concrete! Replace or cover up your door handles, steering wheels and seats with one of our durable items.

Collections of Premium Products

Iowa 80 has a wide selection of interior chrome and stainless steel accessories to make you look good! When you need to refurbish your truck, we have one of the greatest selections of interior products for semis. Make your truck a reflection of your personality, and show the world the kind of driver you are!

Whether you have a Kenworth, Freightliner, Peterbilt, International, Volvo, Mack or other, you can find what you need here. From basic chrome pieces to putting an entire theme together, we can help. Check out our vast selection of dash bezels, door panels, toggle switches, toggle extensions, truck shifter knobs, dash knobs, steering wheels, switch plates, truck seats, seat covers and cushions, kick panels, pedals, truck floor mats, dash mats, and more. Shop today!

Iowa 80
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