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  1. Kenworth Switch Guards
    Kenworth Switch Guards
    Item: 45086
    $6.99 - $23.99
    Controlled Traction-Rear Axle
    Dolly Lock
    Forward Lift Axle
    Full Lock Main Differential
    Interaxle Diff.- BCU Dash
    InterAxle Differential
    Power Air Op. Window-Left
    Power Air Operated Lock
    Rear Lift Axle
    Suspension Lift
    Trailer Gate
    Two Speed-Lo/High
    Wheel Differential
    Wheel Differential-Fwd Axle
    Wheel Differential-Rear Axle
    Air Suspension
    Controlled Traction-Fwd Axle
    5th Wheel
  2. Peterbilt 370 Series Switch Plates
    Peterbilt 370 Series Switch Plates
    Item: 45076
    $5.99 - $10.99
    Accum. Fuel Reset
    Air Deflector
    Auxiliary Lights
    Backup Alarm
    Backup Lights
    Beacon Lights
    Brake Lights
    Brake Saver
    Breather Lights
    Bumper Lights
    Bunk Lights
    Cab Lights
    Cab Watch Alarm
    CB Radio
    Chicken Lights
    Clearance Lights
    Cruise Control-Four Hole
    Cruise Control-Two Switch
    Cummins Select
    Day/Night Signal
    Diag Shutdown Override
    Dimmer & Wiper
    Driving Lights
    Dump Valve
    Electric Toggle
    Engine Brake - One Switch
    Engine Brake - Two Switch
    Engine Fan
    Engine Heater (Proheat)
    Engine Heater (Webasto)
    Fog Lights
    Fuel Heater
    Fuel Hotline
    Fuel Left/Right
    Ignition Key
    Interior Lights
    Lift Axle Top/Down and Bottom/Up
    Lift Axle Top/Up and Bottom/Down
    Load Lights
    Marker Lights
    Mirror Heat
    Mirror Lights
    Panel Lights
    Power Door Lock
    Power Mirror
    Power Mirror - Left
    Power Mirror - Right
    Power Motor Mirror
    Power Window Left
    Power Window Right
    Rack Lights
    Round Jake Brake-Two Switch
    Sleeper Lights
    Sleeper Lock
    Spot Light
    Trailer Air Susp-Single Switch
    Trailer Air Susp-Two Switch
    Trailer Aux Lights
    Trailer Clearance
    Trailer Hot Line
    Train Horn
  3. Peterbilt 379 1987-2000 Switch Guards
    Peterbilt 379 1987-2000 Switch Guards
    Item: 45077
    $12.99 - $14.99
    5th Wheel
    Air Suspension
    Axle Differential
    Front Brakes
    Front Locking Differential
    Full Lock Main Differential
    Power Takeoff
    Pusher Axle
    Range Selector-Low/High
    Rear Full Locking Differential
    Traction Equalizer
    Trailer Air Suspension
    15 Speed Deep Reduction
  4. Freightliner Classic, FLD Switch Guards
    Air Suspension
    Fifth Wheel
    InterAxle Differential
    Traction Cont Diff-Rear
    Traction Cont Differential
    Two Speed Axle
  5. Kenworth Switch Guards
    Kenworth Switch Guards
    Item: 35529
    Axle Differential
    Controlled Traction
    Wheel Differential
    Air Suspension
  6. Peterbilt 379 2001+ Switch Guards
    Peterbilt 379 2001+ Switch Guards
    Item: 45081
    $10.99 - $12.99
    Air Suspension
    Axle Differential
    Dump Valve
    Full Lock Diff
    Full Lock Main Differential
    Range Selector-Low/High
    RR Full Lock Differential
    5th Wheel
  7. Peterbilt 359 Switch Guards
    Peterbilt 359 Switch Guards
    Item: 45080
    $14.99 - $21.99
    Deep Reduction (359)
    Dump Valve
    Power Take
    Axle Differential
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When it seems like you spend more time in your truck than out of it, you need to make sure each drive is a comfortable one. Not only that, but your cab is your office, and it needs to reflect the kind of person you are. Our selection of semi truck interior accessories is unparalleled; from interior door panels to floor mats, we offer the best in the industry so you can feel at home even when you’re on the road.

Personalized Touches

We ensure that accessorizing your cab with the best semi truck interior parts is as easy as turning the key in the ignition. Don't settle for hunkering down on a hard bed. Rejuvenate overnight with a solid night's rest. Our collection of cool gel mattresses, plush blankets and sheet sets provide comfort and luxury.

Your truck is a second home. Let it fit you and your style. With a wide selection of steering wheels in classic wood, stylish chrome, comfortable plastic, or the 4 spoke leather steering wheel, your dash is transformed to fit your style. Support your back and turn your long trek into an enjoyable, ache-free ride. Add a gel seat cushion or change out your older seat for one of our leather, ergonomic products designed to keep you focused on the road and free of lower back pain.

Protective Wear

Your cab gets a lot of wear and tear, and we can provide the products you need to get things back into shape. Check out our thermoplastic floor mats to keep your cab free of dirt, water and even freshly poured concrete! Replace or cover up your door handles, steering wheels and seats with one of our durable items.

Collections of Premium Products

Iowa 80 has a wide selection of interior chrome and stainless steel accessories to make you look good! When you need to refurbish your truck, we have one of the greatest selections of interior products for semis. Make your truck a reflection of your personality, and show the world the kind of driver you are!

Whether you have a Kenworth, Freightliner, Peterbilt, International, Volvo, Mack or Western Star, you can find what you need here. From basic chrome pieces to putting an entire theme together, we can help. Check out our vast selection of dash bezels, door panels, toggle switches, toggle extensions, truck shifter knobs, dash knobs, steering wheels, switch plates, truck seats, seat covers and cushions, kick panels, pedals, truck floor mats, dash mats, and more. Shop today!

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