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  1. Peterbilt 370 Series Switch Plates
    Peterbilt 370 Series Switch Plates
    Item: 45076
    $5.99 - $10.99
    Accum. Fuel Reset
    Air Deflector
    Auxiliary Lights
    Backup Alarm
    Backup Lights
    Beacon Lights
    Brake Lights
    Brake Saver
    Breather Lights
    Bumper Lights
    Bunk Lights
    Cab Lights
    Cab Watch Alarm
    CB Radio
    Chicken Lights
    Clearance Lights
    Cruise Control-Four Hole
    Cruise Control-Two Switch
    Cummins Select
    Day/Night Signal
    Diag Shutdown Override
    Dimmer & Wiper
    Driving Lights
    Dump Valve
    Electric Toggle
    Engine Brake - One Switch
    Engine Brake - Two Switch
    Engine Fan
    Engine Heater (Proheat)
    Engine Heater (Webasto)
    Fog Lights
    Fuel Heater
    Fuel Hotline
    Fuel Left/Right
    Ignition Key
    Interior Lights
    Lift Axle Top/Down and Bottom/Up
    Lift Axle Top/Up and Bottom/Down
    Load Lights
    Marker Lights
    Mirror Heat
    Mirror Lights
    Panel Lights
    Power Door Lock
    Power Mirror
    Power Mirror - Left
    Power Mirror - Right
    Power Motor Mirror
    Power Window Left
    Power Window Right
    Rack Lights
    Round Jake Brake-Two Switch
    Sleeper Lights
    Sleeper Lock
    Spot Light
    Trailer Air Susp-Single Switch
    Trailer Air Susp-Two Switch
    Trailer Aux Lights
    Trailer Clearance
    Trailer Hot Line
    Train Horn
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You spend a lot of time in your truck and every good driver is always keeping an eye on their dash board as they ride. Customizing your interior with semi truck dash accessories allows you to customize your truck until it’s just the way you like it. Why keep riding around like any other rig on the road when you can be one of a kind? Put your truck in a league of its own today with a remodel in the style of your choosing. 

Everything You Need to Craft Your Perfect Dash

From a custom semi truck fuel pressure gauge to jewel-tipped chrome toggle extensions, has everything you need to make your truck stand out from the crowd. Whether you want to make a minor tweak to your truck’s interior or take part in a full overhaul, these semi truck interior dash kits and custom parts have you covered. Add a splash of chrome to your dash, or shake things up with a change of colors. is the place to turn if you want the best dash kit for semi truck drivers. 

Upgrade your vents, or give your knobs and dials a new look. There’s no part of your truck’s dash you can’t give a pick-up with these stylish parts. No matter what theme or scheme you dream up for your truck’s dash panel, we’ve got you covered.

Quality You Can Rely On

At we know that your truck isn’t just something you drive, it’s your livelihood and you don’t want to rely on second rate parts. When you make a purchase from you can do so knowing that we stock only the highest quality semi truck gauges and instruments. When you shop with us you won’t just get parts which look great, but parts which perform and last, so that you know you are getting your money’s worth.

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