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Universal Train Horns for Semi Trucks & Accessories

Semi Truck Train Horns and Products at Iowa 80

In a semi truck, you usually have two horns to rely on. One is your city horn, the one that is much like any other car. The second is your train or air horn. Train horns are louder, stronger and they get the attention of every car on the road. Truckers may use a modest horn or go all out and invest in 5 trumpet horns! What you don’t want to do is be caught with too quiet of a horn.

Warn the Other Vehicles

You dominate the road with your rig. Being the biggest vehicle on the road comes with its share of burdens, however. You have to be sharp and keenly aware of every other car on the road. After all, any accident on your behalf could be devastating to the people around you. Despite the size of your truck, cars still have blind spots and other drivers may not be paying attention to the rest of the road. When cars know truckers are coming, they know to take extra precautions; they understand the limits of your vehicle as well as the dangers involved in sharing the highway. A train whistle for trucks lets other drivers know that you are close by; it lets them locate you without having to see you first.

Shop From Our Large Selection of Train Whistles

With sound up to 150 decibels and every in between, there is a horn for just about every trucker. Choose where your horn is mounted, how many trumpets it has, what pitch it whistles at and much more. You can even decide between a brass train whistle and a chrome train whistle.

If you’re having trouble with your train horn, we also stock replacement parts and trumpets. If anything goes wrong with your current horn or if you have trouble in the future, you can always shop our extensive collection of replacement or repair parts. As a trucker, your presence may speak for itself, but in those times where you need cars to be immediately aware of you, you need a loud whistle to get their attention. Safety matters and air horns give truckers some peace of mind.

There's something to be said for being heard! can help with a huge selection of truck horns and truck horn accessories. Whether you have a Kenworth, Peterbilt, Freightliner, International, Volvo, Mack or Western Star, you can find what you need here. Check out our wide variety of horns including truck train horns, such as chrome train horns, train whistles, brass train whistles. You can also find: black ABS horns, air tanks, air compressors, valve stands and levers, solenoids, covers and pulls. We even have fun horns with animal sounds, Dixieland, oooga sounds and more! We're not one to toot our own horns, so pick one up and do it for us. Shop truck horns at today!

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