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  1. Stainless Steel Grill Bars 26" to 46"L
    Stainless Steel Grill Bars 26" to 46"L
    Item: 108406
    $43.99 - $52.99
    27.5 inches
    28 inches
    28.5 inches
    29 inches
    29.5 inches
    30 inches
    30.5 inches
    31 inches
    31.5 inches
    32 inches
    32.5 inches
    33 inches
    33.5 inches
    34 inches
    34.5 inches
    35 inches
    35.5 inches
    36 inches
    36.5 inches
    37 inches
    37.5 inches
    38 inches
    38.5 inches
    39 inches
    39.25 inches
    39.5 inches
    40 inches
    40.5 inches
    41 inches
    41.5 inches
    42 inches
    42.5 inches
    43 inches
    43.5 inches
    44 inches
    44.5 inches
    45 inches
    45.5 inches
    46 inches
    26 inches
    26.5 inches
    27 inches
  2. Kenworth Punched Grill Insert
    Kenworth Punched Grill Insert
    Item: 108560
    $318.99 - $551.99
    KW W900A
    KW W900B
    KW W900L
    KW T800
    Circles 7/16 inch
    Horizontal 3/16 Obrounds
    Horizontal 5/16 Obrounds
    Horizontal Rectangles
    Inline Squares
    Offset Squares
    Snake Skin
    Vertical 3/16 Obrounds
    Vertical 5/16 Obrounds
    Vertical Ovals
    Vertical Rectangles
    Circles 1/4 inch
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Items 1-12 of 108

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Grills & Grill Bars

Among the most noticeable components of a semi’s exterior is the front grill. A good grill—stylish yet hardy and resilient against both impact and the elements—is worth a lot to any truck driver. That’s why we carry a variety of grills and grill bars for semi trucks to choose from. Turn to Iowa 80 to get the best for your semi. 

It’s About the Look

The grill on your truck exists to provide the radiator with air intake, but as far as anyone’s concerned it’s a matter of style for your vehicle. Your semi truck grill is a defining feature in how others see your truck, so show off with the best. Choose big bars or rugged punched inserts of any size you need, in anything from chrome plating to pure stainless steel, and pick out trim and extra hardware to complete the look.

High Quality Parts 

Whatever style you seek in truck grills, Iowa 80’s inventory includes a variety of sizes, materials and designs with high quality being the common ground among all of them. Find the right fit for your year, make and model—we carry grills and grill parts for Freightliner, Kenworth, Peterbilt and more. We can also match the size of grill you need for the perfect installation, or even individual parts for when you just need to make repairs. Find it all here at Iowa 80!

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