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  1. Kenworth Punched Grill Insert
    Kenworth Punched Grill Insert
    Item: 108560
    $318.99 - $551.99
    KW W900A
    KW W900B
    KW W900L
    KW T800
    Circles 7/16 inch
    Horizontal 3/16 Obrounds
    Horizontal 5/16 Obrounds
    Horizontal Rectangles
    Inline Squares
    Offset Squares
    Snake Skin
    Vertical 3/16 Obrounds
    Vertical 5/16 Obrounds
    Vertical Ovals
    Vertical Rectangles
    Circles 1/4 inch
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Kenworth Truck Grills & Grill Bars

Are you ready to improve the look of your Kenworth truck? Kenworth grill bars are one way to create a striking new look for your truck. Whether you like mesh grills or punched grills, there is a style for everyone. Bring out your personality in how you embellish your rig! At, we have a wide selection of grills and grill guards to choose from. Shop our incredible range of items today, to create a look that you can be proud of.

Benefits of the Grill Bar

In addition to creating a solid new look for your truck, grills perform an important function.The grill bar does more than protect your Kenworth grill. It offers an extended safety. Grill guards protect your bumpers, lights and chrome from damage. If you are involved in a low-speed accident or impact, you are less likely to suffer damages to the body of your rig. In addition, some bars may have skid plates. These plates allow you to protect your lower bumper. When it comes to grill accessories, finding a grill that blends in flawlessly with your truck is important. If you need the Kenworth W900 Grill, we stock it, along with the T800 and W900L. Allow yourself to follow your tastes.

Design and Appearance

The grill is the first thing that people are going to notice about your rig. It's not an exaggeration to say that the grill can change the appearance of your truck. We stock triple diamond grills, louvered grill bars and many other designs that fit your personality and your truck. In addition to grills, we stock bumper guards and grill surrounds. Not only do these accessories offer you a flawless design and appearance, but they serve a functional, protective purpose.

Shop around for high quality Kenworth grills. Your rig works hard for you it deserves the best.

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