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  1. Hardware Kit for Winterfronts and Bugscreens
  2. Hardware Kit for Belmor Bugscreens and Winterfronts
    FL Business Class 60 1991-2003
    FL Business Class 70 1991-2003
    FL Business Class 80 1991-2003
    FL Classic
    FL Columbia 1996 and newer
    FL Coronado 2010-17
    FL FLD 120
    KW T680 2012 and newer, no drill
    KW T700
    KW T800 1987 and newer
    KW T880
    KW W900A
    KW W900B
    KW W900L 1984 and newer
    KW W900S
    PB 375 1986-1996 12 Turnbuckles
    PB 375 1986-1996 14 Turnbuckles
    PB 377 1986-2001 12 Turnbuckles
    PB 377 1986-2001 14 Turnbuckles
    PB 378 1986-2007 12 Turnbuckles
    PB 378 1986-2007 14 Turnbuckles
    PB 379 1986-2007 12 Turnbuckles
    PB 379 1986-2007 14 Turnbuckles
    PB 388 2006 and newer
    PB 389 2006 and newer
    PB 567 2013 and newer
    PB 579 2013 and newer
    PB 587
    FL Business Class 50 1991-2003
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9 Items

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Truck Bugscreens, Winterfronts and Parts

Shop Truck Grill Covers - Bugscreens & Winterfronts

Bugscreens & Winterfronts

While bugs and winter air might seem like a normal part of driving on the open road, both can cause damage to the inside of your semi if the grill is left unprotected. The best way to keep your truck’s engine protected is to purchase semi truck bugscreens or winterfronts to cover the grill and keep bugs and wind out. Shop our collection of screens at Iowa 80 for a durable cover that can work with a variety of truck types in the exact style you’re looking for.   

Decorative Grill Covers 

Our semi truck bug screens come in many different colors and designs, so you can choose a product that fits your personal style. Choose from unique designs such as the image of the American flag, jaws teeth, or hillbilly teeth. You can also help increase your truck’s visibility at night when you choose a cover with reflective materials. Prefer something nice and simple? We also carry standard bugscreens and winterfronts that come with a frame in your color of choice.

Custom Fit 

At Iowa 80, we carry a large selection of custom bug screens for trucks. Whether you own a Kenworth, Mack, Peterblit, Volvo, or other type of truck, all of our covers are tailored to fit your vehicle. You simply need to provide information on the truck model, make, and year when you place your order to make sure the screen is a perfect fit. The last step is simply to buy a hardware kit to install your new bugscreen or winterfront and then you’ll be good to go!

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