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Trux Fenders  

Some truck accessories are purely functional. Other accessories are much more, balancing both performance and looks. Fenders shield your truck’s finish and windows from mud, snow, rocks, dirt, broken asphalt pieces and other kinds of road debris. Because they’re located around your wheel well, they also offer a lot of potential for aesthetics. Of course, you don’t need us to tell you that. But we do know fenders – which is why we offer such a huge inventory of them. Check out Iowa 80’s selection of Trux fenders and give your rig the upgrade it deserves.

Many Styles and Sizes

Trux Accessories and Iowa 80 have a couple of things in common. For one, there’s the company’s passion for chrome. And Trux chrome parts meet high quality standards, made with durable stainless steel and polished to a perfect mirror finish. That’s why we stock a large selection of Trux fenders for semi trucks. Iowa 80 carries many fender styles, sizes and materials, offering you tons of options for protecting your truck’s exterior and giving it a distinctive eye-catching look.

Trux’s chrome single-axle fenders are popular choices. Its 120-inch ribbed SS beaded edge models add bold touches to any rig. These full tandem fenders are made from 16-gauge stainless steel and sport ribbed detailing for a rugged and timeless look. Looking for other chrome options? Take a look at our full, half and quarter fenders from Trux.

If chrome isn’t your material of choice, Iowa 80 has other solutions for tricking out your truck. We also stock Trux poly fenders in full, half, quarter and single-axle styles. They’re made from superior-grade high-density black polyethylene – flexible, durable and low-maintenance. Poly fenders are lightweight and can withstand multiple impacts.

Your Source for Fenders, Brackets and More

By now, you’ve seen that Iowa 80 has the best Trux fenders selection. But we don’t stop there. We also stock brackets and mounting hardware for installing your new fenders. Of course, we’re your best source for other upgrades – exhaust components, trim, lighting assemblies and more. We stock thousands of items every day to help truckers go the distance no matter where they drive.

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