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  1. Rear Fender Brackets
    Rear Fender Brackets
    Item: 239258
    $204.99 - $813.99
    PB Flex Air
    KW AG380
  2. Front Fender Brackets
    Front Fender Brackets
    Item: 239257
    $717.99 - $1,030.99
    KW AG380
    PB Air Leaf 1993 and newer
    PB Air Trac 22.5, 24.5 low pro
    PB Air Trac 24.5
    PB Flex Air
    PB Low Air 2004 and older
    PB Low Air 22.5 2005 and newer
    PB Low Air 24.5 2005 and newer
    FL Airliner
  3. Peterbilt Stainless Steel Air Trac Front Fender Bracket
    Passenger Side
    Driver Side
  4. Peterbilt 359, 379, 389 Quilted Fender Guards
    Peterbilt 359, 379, 389 Quilted Fender Guards
    Item: 116293
    $112.99 - $117.99
    PB 379
    PB 389
    PB 359
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Items 1-12 of 71

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Peterbilt Fenders

Upgrading your vehicle to give it extra style and class is easy with shiny new fenders. Some styles, like the Peterbilt 389 front fenders are perfect for keeping mud and other roadway grime from splattering along your vehicle, while other pieces like some Peterbilt 389 accessories are purely to augment your style. Other accessories like brackets, fender steps, and fender reflectors increase safety and usability of existing fenders. Browse through the extensive stock of fenders, fender kits and fender accessories to find just the thing to add extra safety and style to your vehicle.

Do you really need new fenders? Certainly consider upgrading your fenders if you’ve recently installed larger tires or a different height suspension, as incorrect sizing can force the wheels to rub against the fenders when turning. If you notice that the fenders are getting worn either through incorrect sizing or just from normal wear, your vehicle will throw up a lot more road debris and make you something of a public menace. Avoid these kinds of problems by upgrading your fenders or by installing flares like the Peterbilt rubber fender flares. But you don’t need to wait until something breaks down or starts to look worn before you install an upgrade. New fenders or fender accessories can add a lot to the appearance of your vehicle and make it more fun to drive.

Peterbilt 379 fenders might be just the upgrade or replacement you’re looking for. Choose from these or many other great options and feel free to add trim, guards, lights and other accessories as needed to give your vehicle just the right look. Individual fenders come ready to customize and install, while fender kits include everything you need to easily install your new gear. Whether you need something sleek and shiny or just something to get the job done, Iowa80 has the parts and accessories to get you the ride you deserve.

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