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  1. Front Fender Brackets
    Front Fender Brackets
    Item: 239257
    $638.99 - $916.99
    KW AG380
    PB Air Leaf 1993 and newer
    PB Air Trac 22.5, 24.5 low pro
    PB Air Trac 24.5
    PB Flex Air
    PB Low Air 2004 and older
    PB Low Air 22.5 2005 and newer
    PB Low Air 24.5 2005 and newer
    FL Airliner
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Half Fenders

Customizability is the name of the game when it comes to the selection of semi truck half fenders we supply at Iowa 80. Come check out our diverse stock of fenders in a range of materials and finishes. Professional drivers know that an investment in dependable fenders for their semi trucks is more than just for looks, though. A good set of fenders can keep your truck operating at top level with additional road safety and regulation compliance.

A Stylish Effect

It is commonly said that when you look good, then you feel good. The same feeling holds true when you install a great set of semi half fenders to your wheels. Whether you prefer the gleam of polished stainless steel or the toughness of black poly construction, you can choose a set that enhances the appearance of your rig and gives you pride, both on and off the road. Show off your personal style with a set of good-looking and durable fenders today.

A Protective Function

Of course, fenders are not just added to semi trucks for only their looks. The open road can be a tough place, full of grit, mud and gravel. The installation of half fenders can increase the protection of not only your truck but also fellow drivers. Numerous vehicular accidents could be avoided by more semi truck drivers investing in high-quality fenders for their trucks. At Iowa 80, we stock fenders that are dependable, long-lasting and resistant to hazardous weather and road conditions you may encounter. Take a look at our inventory and see how you can improve your safety capability today.
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