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  1. Kenworth T660 Hood Side Air Vent
  2. Kenworth T680 Air Intake Mesh Screen
  3. Kenworth T660 LED Air Intake Screens
  4. 15" Replacement Air Cleaner Screen
    15" Replacement Air Cleaner Screen
    Item: 161474
    $299.99 - $461.99
    15 in Regular Donaldson
    15 in Vortox
    15 in Premium Donaldson
    5 1/2 inches
    3 1/2 inches
    Horizontal Ovals
    Horizontal Rectangles
    In-Line Squares
    Key Holes
    Large Circles
    Large Horizontal Obrounds
    Large Vertical Obrounds
    Offset Squares
    Small Circles
    Small Horizontal Obrounds
    Small Vertical Obrounds
    Snake Skin
    Vertical Ovals
    Vertical Rectangles
    W and Star
    FL Logo
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Clear the air and improve your cab’s air quality with air cleaner screens. At Iowa 80, we understand the importance of premium screens for your engine compartment and cab. Shop for the best brands and exact matches of size and shape for all your truck screens and intake grills today.

Improve Airflow

If you have a dirty or damaged screen, your air quality may be compromised. Air intake screens not only allow airflow into your engine compartment and cab, they also filter out any dirt, debris and insects that may try to enter these areas. Shop for reliable, long-lasting punched and slotted screens in stainless steel for a quality product. This will help you breathe easier and avoid contaminants in your cab and engine area.

Customize Your Truck

The latest screen designs offer logos and innovative options to personalize your ride. Don’t settle with a generic screen, but proudly support your truck brand or switch to iconic screen shapes, like one with star-shapes holes.

At Iowa 80, we pride ourselves in offering the widest selection of products at the best prices. Whether you’re shopping for a single air intake grill or need to restore every vent along your entire rig, compare brands and easily search for the right size of replacement grill today.

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