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High Quality Heavy Duty Semi Truck Radios, Accessories

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Nothing breaks up the monotony of a long road trip—especially one that you’ve taken multiple times—like music. At Iowa 80, we understand the value of singing along with the radio to help make your run a good one. Shop our selection of semi truck radios from top manufacturers to fit your needs. Many include options for satellite radio, Bluetooth devices, CB radios and more.

Satellite Radios

We carry Delphi and Panasonic commercial truck radios with a variety of options. Tune in whenever you want music to accompany you on a trip, or catch a few hours of news and talk radio with your favorite voices in commentary. Satellite radio can bring your favorite entertainers to you wherever you are.

Radio Options

We have a wide selection of radios with options that include Bluetooth technology for hands-free entertainment and CD players for those who enjoy playing from their own music collection. You’ll also find simple radios with plenty of features of their own, including weatherband choices for multiple around-the-clock weather channels.

CB Radios

Along with singing, you can do some talking of your own with a heavy duty CB radio from Iowa 80. Call ahead to truck stops and dispatchers or alert trucker friends to road conditions and more with the indispensable CV radio.

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