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When you are done for the day, you want to be able to just tune out the world and relax with the comforts of home. There are many homey comforts that you can add to your sleeper nowadays. From mounted TVs to kitchen appliances and laptop stands. There are lots of electronics to make your daytime satisfying too! 

Entertainment for Your Days 

While you’re working, you still want some tunes to keep you rolling and ways to keep connected. Iowa 80 has all the semi truck electronics you need to make that happen. We have a huge selection of the newest CB radios. We sell dozens of different Bluetooth headsets for comfortable listening and communication. We have an impressive choice of radios, from simple to SiriusXM. Plus, there are GPS, tablet holders, antennas, clocks, cooler, gauges… Just check them out for yourself! 

Comfort for Your Nights

For your sleeper area, there are additional options. For your relaxation, you may want to invest in a satellite to receive local TV or satellite channels. You can purchase a TV for semi sleeper including portable models to watch in bed, or you choose something larger and get a semi truck tv mount to make sure it’s stable and secure on the wall. Your choices don’t stop there, though. We also carry kitchen appliances like stoves of varying sizes, so you can prepare home-cooked meals. There are refrigerators to store your food. We have vacuums to clean up your sleeper – even wet vacs if you have frequent spills!

Lastly, you don’t want to run your truck all night long and spend money on fuel just to power these wonderful devices and luxuries, so look at our vast selection of power inverters to use your battery to power them all from regular electrical cords.

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