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CB Radios for Trucks - CB Antennas & Accessories 

CB Truck Antennas & CB Radio Accessories at Iowa 80 

When you’re out on the road, you need a dependable CB radio that allows for fluid communication. Our high-quality products are engineered to withstand the long-haul so you can relay messages and calls to everyone in your party with ease. Better yet, they have a plethora of impressive features that make handling them enjoyable. 

Sleek and Functional

Our CB radios have a variety of cutting-edge attributes designed to keep you entertained through a workday. Dimmer control allows you to adjust the light to your comfort level, while the radio can contain up to 40 fully-functional stations. A long mic chord ensures you can speak comfortably. Tactile controls modify sound quality for crystal clear clarity. A modern appearance integrates seamlessly into the dashboard of your truck, making it the centerpiece of the interior of your vehicle. The Cobra 29LTD Classic CB Radio, for example, has all these features and more, making it one of the most popular options for trucking professionals looking to take travel to the next level.  

Trucking Made Easy

There are many CB radio accessories available to enhance the enjoyment of your product. Attachable mics offer noise cancelling qualities and high frequency. CB brackets and screws allow you to install your radio without hassle. And if you enjoy listening to loud music, good speakers are a must. An Astatic Classic Presidential External CB Speaker provides the sound boost you’re looking for. They’re an excellent choice for those looking for an easy-to-install accessory since all hardware is included. The speaker is the perfect size to tuck in a corner of your small truck space while giving you the opportunity to relish tunes running on 10 watts of power.  

Customize Your Truck With Care

Many trucking professionals drive across state lines to deliver goods. With so much time behind the wheel, it’s crucial that the vehicle is equipped with the proper amenities. CB electronics are top of the line so you can use it daily knowing that they won’t fail and leave you stranded. Browse one of the best selections on the internet to find the perfect fit and thrive in your profession. 

Don't be stuck out on the road without the comforts of home! At, we carry a full selection of semi truck electronics, including CB radios and accessories to help ensure you have some company on your trip. Each product is built to exacting quality standards to ensure years of performance. For even more items, shop our array of semi truck electronics at now.

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