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  1. Driver Extreme Silver Bullet CB Antenna
    Driver Extreme Silver Bullet CB Antenna
    Item: 377793
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About Semi Truck Antennas

Keep your CB radio running everywhere you go. From back-road trips to highways across the country, you need to have a strong, reliable signal for your radio. A semi truck antenna can also keep you entertained on a long road without phone signal. Discover the best antenna options for your semi truck and choose one from this extensive list of premium antennas.

Not all antennas are made the same. Choose a model that offers the signal strength you need with a durable and flexible design. Be sure to grab all the extra parts and adaptors you need for a quick and easy replacement.

CB Radio Antennas

A CB radio can keep you informed and up-to-date while on the road. From road conditions and weather reports, to communication with other drivers, you want your CB signal to come in strong and clear on any road. When choosing an aftermarket semi truck radio antenna, be sure you buy all the necessary parts, like a stainless steel heavy-duty antenna stud. You’ll find all the studs, springs and mounting brackets that you need to choose an excellent antenna for your CB radio.

There’s a wide variety of CB antennas available, so take a look at each one and choose the best option for your truck. If you’re going down back roads and rural state highways, you’ll want a heavy-duty and long-range antenna to keep in touch.

TV and Radio Antennas

Grab a semi truck AM FM antenna to stay entertained next trip. Long and short drives alike can get dull and dreary without music, sports and the news. Long-range antennas can not only give your truck plenty of radio stations, you’ll also be able to pick up a TV antenna. You’ll be entertained and informed throughout your whole trip with a quality antenna. Choose only the best antenna for a durable, water-tight and effective option. 

From CB radios to your favorite FM radio stations, an antenna can keep your semi truck connected. You’ll have all the information and entertainment you need on almost any road across the country.

When you are on the road for extended periods of time, it's crucial that you are able to stay in touch with the world that is happening outside of your rig. That's where semi truck antennas and accessories come in to play. Be they for CB radios, television, or the radio, you can find just what you need—including cables, mountings, and fittings—here at For more options, check out our thorough range of  semi truck electronics at today.

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