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Peterbilt Truck Interior: Truck Rocker Switches and Covers

Take a look at the interior of your cab, there are quite a few switches and covers for various vents and operations. Why not upgrade these standard pieces to chrome with new truck switches and covers from At, we offer premium products for many different trucks. From dimmer switch covers to dash switch chrome bezel covers, we have what you need to make your interior stand apart. Shop today.
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Peterbilt 2006+ Rocker Switch Covers (6 PK)
Chrome Rocker Switch Actuator Buttons with LED
Peterbilt Rocker Switch Cover with Stainless Steel Plaque
Peterbilt, Kenworth, Freightliner Rocker Switch Cover with Jewel
Rocker Switch Cover with Switch Guard (Set of 3)
Peterbilt Rocker Switch Cover, PTO
Peterbilt Dimmer Control Cover 2006+
Chrome Rocker Switch Covers (3PK)
Peterbilt 2006+ Rocker Switch Covers (3 PK)
Rocker Switch Trim with Jewel
Peterbilt Toggle Switch Cover (6PK)
Peterbilt Stainless Steel Rocker Switch Cover
Peterbilt 2006+ Chrome Plain Diagnostic Plug Cover
PB Chrome Switch Label Visor Bezels 2000 and Older
Peterbilt 2014+ Chrome Multi-Rocker Switch Cover
Peterbilt Chrome Switch Label Visor Bezels 2001+
34 Products  Results per page:  
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