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Truck Interior: Screws and Facenuts for Semis

When you get right down to the nuts and bolts of the matter, your truck is actually… well… a lot of nuts and bolts! It's no wonder then, that offers roughly a gazillion different screws and facenuts for semis. From chrome button covers the look great with your upholstery, to bejeweled dash screws in a rainbow of colors, to spiked screw head covers, we offer screws and facenuts for every rig and every driver. So, get yourself a cup of coffee and clear a few minutes from your schedule, because browsing or huge selection is going to take you a few moments. As always, if you have any question, please contact our friendly customer service team today!
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LED Screw-In Lights (PR)
Peterbilt 1987-2000 Large Jeweled Dash Screws (14 PK)
Kenworth Chrome Button Cover 10PK
Peterbilt 1987-2000 Large Dash Screws (14 PK)
Peterbilt 2001-05 Large Jeweled Dash Screws (14 PK)
Peterbilt Electric Toggle Switch Face Nut (6PK)
Kenworth Snap-On Jeweled Button Cover 10PK
Chrome Snap-On Cover for 10/12 Screws 10PK
Kenworth 2001-2005 Chrome Dash Screws with Crystal PR
Kenworth Button Head Dash Panel Screws 20PK
Peterbilt 1987-2002 Small Jeweled Dash Screws (PR)
Kenworth Long Jeweled Dash Screws (PR)
Kenworth 1982-2000 Short Jeweled Dash Screws (PR)
Peterbilt Chrome Button Head Dash Panel Screw 22PK
Peterbilt Chrome Button Head Dash Screw 2000+
Kenworth, Peterbilt Chrome Face Nuts 6PK
91 Products  Results per page:  
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