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Truck Interior: Dash Trim for Semis

Climb into a cab and it is hard to miss a tricked out dash. The dashboard offers a lot of real estate for chrome. Gauges, controls, knobs and buttons are all ready to be wrapped in chrome or wood depending on your personal preference. Since so many pieces of dash trim for semis are larger pieces than a simple lever or handle, changing dash panels can have a big impact on the overall look and feel of your cab. Don't be shy, make your dash happy with new dash trim for semis from Looking for more great pieces? Take a look at the vast assortment of Semi Truck Interior at
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Peterbilt 2006+ Stainless Dash Panel Molding Trim
Peterbilt Chrome Dash Panel Molding Trim 2006+
Peterbilt Stainless Steel AC/Heater Control Plate
Peterbilt, Kenworth 2006+ Turn Signal Lever Cover
Kenworth 2006+ Chrome Right Dash Gauge Panel Trim
Peterbilt Chrome Dash Panel Trim 2006+
Peterbilt 2006+ Passenger Side Vent Trim
Kenworth 2006+ Speedo/Tach Dash Trim Plate
Peterbilt 2006+ Passenger Side AC/Heater Vent Trim
Kenworth Navigation and Gauge Cluster Dash Trim
Kenworth 2006+ SS Left Gauge Dash Panel Trim
Kenworth Square Chrome Sleeper Speaker Cover
FL Century, Columbia, Coronado Chrome Dash Trim
Kenworth Speedometer Gauge Trim 2006+
Kenworth Right Gauge Trim 2006+
Kenworth Left Gauge Trim 2006+
125 Products  Results per page:  
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