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Semi Truck Exhaust: Y Pipes

When we talk about semi truck exhaust systems, it can be so easy to just think about stacks. That, however, is just a lone element of your rig's exhaust. At, we carry a great array of different exhaust parts and accessories, such as Y Pipes. Designed to the highest quality standards, we stand behind each and every exhaust part we sell.

For further offerings, we ask you to spend some time to browse our comprehensive inventory of semi truck exhaust at today.
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5-inch ID Inlet, 5-inch OD Outlet Steel Y-Divider
Peterbilt 379 5-Inch 40-Deg. Aluminized Y-Divider
Freightliner 5-inch Y-Divider, OEM # 04-16885-041
Kenworth W900L 5-inch Y-Divider, OEM # K180-14766
Peterbilt 359 5-Inch Steel Y-Divider
Peterbilt 5-inch Aluminized Pickett Y-Divider
5" ID Inlet, 5" OD Outlet Aluminized Y-Divider
Peterbilt 5-inch Chrome Rod Pickett Y-Divider
5-Inch Aluminum Y-Divider
5-inch ID Inlet, 5-inch OD Outlet Chrome Y-Divider
5-inch OD Inlet, 5-inch OD Outlet Chrome Y-Divider
Peterbilt 377 5-Inch Aluminized Y-Divider
Kenworth Y-Divider, OEM # M66-12147, M66-1214
3-inch OD Inlet, 3-inch OD Outlet Steel Y-Divider
4-inch ID Inlet, 4-inch OD Outlet Alum. Y-Divider
Peterbilt 379 5-Inch Chrome Y-Divider
31 Products  Results per page:  
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