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Peterbilt Semi Grill Kits

Arguably the most iconic part of any rig is the grill. It should be no surprise, then, that offers dozens of custom semi grill kits. Each has its own unique design and comes with installation instructions to get you up and going on no time. Be sure to check the specs to ensure you are choosing the right grill for your make and model. For many more products, we encourage you to take a moment to review our whole variety of truck grills and grill bars at now.
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Peterbilt 379 Extended Hood Oval Punched Grill
Peterbilt 379 Grill Surround
Peterbilt 379 Ext. Hood Grill with Vertical Bars
Peterbilt 379 Ext Hood Grill 16 Horizontal Bars
Peterbilt 388, 389 Python Stainless Steel Grill
Peterbilt 379 Ext Hood Grill 16 Louver-Style Bars
Peterbilt 379 Replacement Louver Grill Bar
Peterbilt 388. 389 Louver Grill Bars
Peterbilt 359 Louver-Style Grill Bars
Peterbilt Grill 15 Louver-Style Bars Regular Hood
Peterbilt 388, 389 Vertical Grill Bars
Peterbilt 579 Grill Surround and Bugshield
Peterbilt Regular Hood Horizontal Grill Bars
Peterbilt 18 Vertical Grill Bars for Regular Hoods
Peterbilt 379 Ext. Hood Stainless Louvered Grill
Peterbilt 362 Louvered Rear Grill Bar Kit
19 Products  Results per page:  
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