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Freightliner Exhaust

We're not blowin' smoke here; has a wide selection of exhaust components and noise reduction mufflers just for you. Whether you have a Kenworth, Peterbilt, Freightliner, International, Volvo, Mack or Western Star, you can find what you need here. We have the exhaust stacks you need, including those prized Peterbilt stacks; from mitered, bull hauler or curved top ends, to spools and elbows. And just check out our vast collections of mufflers, brackets, clamps, elbows, expanders, reducers, rain caps, resonators, air inlets, muffler guards, grab handles, flex hose, Y-pipes and more. The list is really exhausting. Shop today and see for yourself.
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6" dia. Elbow for One-Piece Stack
7" dia. Elbow for One-Piece Stack
8" dia. Elbow for One-Piece Stack
FL Classic, FLD 7-5"D Spool, Elbow, Muffler Kit
6" dia. Clamp for One-Piece Stack
7" dia. Clamp for One-Piece Stack
FL Classic, FLD 8-5"D Spool, Elbow, Muffler Kit
Freightliner Classic 8" One-Piece Stack Kit
Freightliner Classic, FLD120 6-Inch to 5-Inch Dia. Spools and Elbows
Freightliner 6-5" Dia. 90° Chrome Elbow
Freightliner 7-5" Dia. 90° Chrome Elbow
6" Universal/Freightliner Wide Mounting Clamp
Freightliner 5-inch Y-Divider, OEM # 04-16885-041
8" dia. Clamp for One-Piece Stack
Freightliner 5-inch Y-Divider, OEM # A04-13974-000
5" Universal, Freightliner Wide Mounting Clamp
26 Products  Results per page:  
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