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Air Cleaner Accessories

Keeping the air in your cab clean is a big deal. With as much time as you spend on the road, all that dust and exhaust can take a toll on your health if the air isn't cleaned properly. Now that we have all that practical jibber jabber out of the way, let's get down to the business of dressing those air cleaners up! has a huge inventory of air cleaner accessories in stock and ready to ship! From LED light bars, to air cleaner fairings, sharp air cleaner bug screens, we have dozens and dozens of products to keep your rig looking great, and this includes your air cleaner! For air cleaner accessories that are, well, a breath of fresh air, shop today!
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5-1/8" 54 LED Ultra Thin Hex Dual Function Air Cleaner Light
8" 24 LED Star Light for 15" Air Cleaner
Peterbilt Front Air Cleaner Magnum 3 LED Light Bars
Peterbilt Front LED Watermelon Air Cleaner Light Bars
KW W900, T800 Stainless Steel Air Cleaner Fairings
Peterbilt Rear Air Cleaner Magnum 3 LED Light Bars
15" Vortox Style Air Cleaner Housing w/Mount Kit
KW 15" Donaldson Air Cleaner LED Button Light Bars
Peterbilt 15" Donaldson/Vortox Air Cleaner LED Light Bars with 16 Lights
Peterbilt 15" Donaldson/Vortox Air Cleaner Light Bars with Twelve 2" Round LED Lights
Peterbilt 22" Front Air Cleaner Magnum 3 LED Light Bars
Kenworth 15" Rear Air Cleaner Button Light Bars
Quick Mount Wiring Plug for Air Cleaner Light Bars
5" 24 LED Star Light for 13" Air Cleaner
KW 13" Donaldson/Vortox Front AC LED Light Bars
15" Genuine Vortox Air Cleaner
160 Products  Results per page:  
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