April 18, 2021

What To Know Before Buying a Used Big Rig

Owning your own rig is the first step to starting your owner-operator career. There are many benefits to having your own semi truck, but there are also risks involved. If a new rig is too rich for your blood, find out how you can still launch your dream career with a used semi truck. With the right inspections and additional parts, you can enjoy a used big rig that’s ready for any route throughout the country.

What Do You Need From Your Big Rig?

This is the most important question to answer when shopping for used rigs. It’s essential to understand the specs required for your owner-operator vehicle. If you’re planning on hauling large or unique loads, be sure your used truck has the power it needs. Powering up mountain passes, taking on heavy city traffic and other obstacles should all be considered as well before you make a purchase.

Take a look at your semi truck exterior. Is the used truck missing a tool box, fenders or lights? These accessories are easy to purchase and install, but you should factor this in when making an offer on a used rig. These accessories are easy to install and surprisingly affordable, so don’t let a few cosmetic issues stop you from purchasing a dependable semi truck at a great price.

What To Look For In Your Used Truck

Just like any vehicle, a used truck is only as good as its maintenance routine. If possible, try to obtain maintenance records for the truck. Here are some key maintenance steps to look for:

  • Oil changes
  • Maintenance and repairs by a certified mechanic
  • Proper tire tread
  • Engine history
  • Full inspections of transmission, drive train, suspension and wiring
  • Mileage

You can perform these steps yourself, but it’s important to know whether these steps happened throughout the lifetime of your truck. A semi truck that’s run for hundreds of thousands of miles without proper maintenance can have serious mechanical issues.

Check the mileage of your used rig, but remember that a semi truck has a much longer mileage lifespan than a car or truck. Expect an engine rebuild around 700,000 miles, but a lower mileage can mean it still has years of use left. Ask about the history of the particular engine in the truck, as it may have already had a rebuild service.

A semi truck typically needs an oil change every 25,000 miles. This is far longer than a car, but just as crucial. Running on old oil can severely damage your truck’s engine. Keep checking your engine oil and consider changing it more frequently depending on the types of routes you’re taking.

Buying a Semi Truck

Explore used trucks in your area today to see how you can make your owner-operator dreams come true. Small maintenance issues and damaged parts is normal for used vehicles, so be sure to shop for reliable replacement parts to restore your used semi. Shop online to have a semi truck exhaust, fenders, interior accessories and other truck parts delivered right to your home or garage.

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