June 16, 2021

Truckers Gift Guide: Best Products Every Trucker Will Enjoy

What are good gifts for truck drivers? Now, that is the ultimate question. Truckers are notoriously difficult people to shop for because we rarely want a lot. We are simple people. However, for the loved one who is bound and determined to get their favorite truck driver something special, there are a few options that are sure to light up any driver’s holiday.

Truck Route GPS

The open road is a complicated maze of highways and byways, not all of which are passable for semis. Therefore, truckers spend hours planning and learning routes that are capable of big rig transports. Consequently, that means that almost any trucker would love to have a truck route GPS to simplify their planning. These specialized units are equipped with a database of weigh stations and clearance measurements, making trip preparations a breeze.

Bunk Warmer

One of the downsides of truck driving is having to spend so many nights away from home. However, those nights can be made slightly more comfortable if the trucker in your life had a bunk warmer. These low voltage warming blankets allow for a driver’s bed to be warmed up nice and toasty before they climb into sleep.

Truck Mattress

In addition to bunk warmers, the driver in your life might also appreciate a new truck mattress. Hours of travel can be a nightmare on your loved one’s back, so a beautiful new bed might be just what the doctor ordered. 

Bluetooth Headset

Next, did you ever think about getting your truck driving love a Bluetooth headset? Federal regulations and most state laws prohibit commercial drivers from using cell phones while driving. Therefore, to allow the driver in your life to keep in touch, why don’t you find a hands-free option that is right for them. Communication with loved ones is vital in this occupation, which has most drivers spending hours in solitude.

Mud Flaps

For many drivers, especially owner-operators, their rig is like their baby, and they want to protect it at all costs. Buying mud flaps is an excellent way to do that. These simple rubber devices prevent all sorts of dirt and road debris from damaging and rusting out the undercarriage of a rig. Also, mud flaps come in a variety of practical and personality-driven styles, so find the ones that reflect your loved one’s personality.

Memory Foam Seat Cushion

When considering gifts for truckers, it is necessary to think about how much time they spend sitting in the cab of their truck and behind the wheel. All of those long hours can wreak havoc on a person’s back, hips and joints. Therefore, an excellent gift idea is a memory foam seat cushion or one that provides lumbar support, anything to make driving a more comfortable experience.

Satellite Radio

While every driver is at one point or another smitten with the beauty of driving the open road, that attraction becomes stale and redundant after a period. Therefore, it is necessary to find other things to occupy the mind, especially when driving for up to ten hours per day. If you want to help reduce that inevitable boredom in a driver’s life, then you can buy them a satellite radio with an antenna that will provide hours of entertainment and enjoyment.


Next, a truck atlas is an essential part of any truckers toolkit. Sure, they might have a GPS, but technology is not always reliable, especially in certain parts of the country where signals are hard to find. Therefore, a truck atlas ensures that your loved one always knows where they are and how to get back home.

Truck Fridge

In many ways, the cab of a truck becomes a driver’s home away from home, and from that perspective, it becomes necessary to incorporate as many things that remind them of home as possible. While these items can be sentimental, like photos, for truckers, practicality reigns supreme. Therefore, having a truck fridge onboard is ideal. Unfortunately, not every trucker can afford this luxury, making it a perfect present.

Power Inverter

While trucks are continuously being updated to improve the driver experience, they still typically lack outlets or other charging capabilities for phones, tablets or computers. Therefore, a power inverter can be extremely useful for a driver in need because it uses the power of the truck battery to charge devices quickly. Also, these inverters have regular size outlets for the charging of a variety of gadgets and tools.

CB Radio

CB radios and truckers go hand-in-hand. No trucker is complete without a quality CB. While they might seem obsolete with cell phones and other communication devices, these low-fi contraptions keep truckers connected and informed while on the road, with most connected to the NOAA for 24/7 weather and emergency alerts.

Portable Stove

It is easy to feel disconnected from the world as a trucker. You are cooped up in a confined space for hours on end with limited human interaction. Fortunately, there are tools that allow you to feel in control of your environment, like a portable stove. Nothing quite says home like a home-cooked meal. Therefore, finding a portable stove for the trucker in your life is one of the greatest gifts imaginable. If you want to add a little something extra, you can include some of your loved one’s favorite recipes on index cards.

Truck driving can be a lonely and grueling occupation, but with the support and compassion of family and friends, it can also be the greatest job ever. If you want to show the trucker in your life that you love and support them, then review the gift ideas for truck drivers above and buy them something nice this season. Although there is no reason you have to limit yourself to just this list. Hop on over to a favorite truck supplier’s website and gather some ideas on your own. Whatever you decide to get for that important driver in your life is excellent. All any trucker wants is the support and love of their family and friends.

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