November 27, 2022

Truck Fender Buying Guide: How To Choose the Best Fenders for Your Semi Truck

The right truck fenders will help to protect your cab and trailer from dirt and debris kicked up by your tires. They also help to prevent any spray from the road from landing on other vehicles. Many drivers also enjoy that they can customize the look of their trucks a little by changing the fenders. However, there are a lot of choices and it can be hard to know where to start. The following information will help you choose the best fenders for your truck.

Options for Semi Truck Fenders

When you order your semi truck fenders, you have a few decisions to make. Your fenders can help make your truck safer, cleaner and more attractive. So, finding the right ones is worth spending a little bit of time researching. The main choices you have are the material, size and coverage style.

Material choices include metal, fiberglass and polymer. For the most part, you can make this choice based on style. Polymer and metal are more durable than fiberglass. However, many people think that fiberglass looks great with a fresh paint job. The poly plastic fenders are the most durable and relatively inexpensive, but some people don’t like the looks.

For size, the fenders should have at least an inch and a half of space above the tires. Make sure to check the size against your truck’s wheel and tire size.

Types of Semi Truck Fenders

There are five main types of truck fenders in terms of form factor: front, full, half, quarter and single axle. Understanding each of these options can help you to find the right ones for your vehicle.

Best Front Fenders

Front fenders are those that go over your truck’s front wheels, the steer axle. These are quite different from the other types of rear fenders. Front fenders are much more similar to those for passenger vehicles. Some trucks have their fenders completely integrated into the front of the vehicle. Others have separate fenders that can be replaced.

Iowa 80 offers a few aftermarket options, primarily ones made from fiberglass. Many truck drivers are a little more demanding about the appearance of their front fenders due to their prominent position. You can choose from a few shapes and styles.

Full Fenders

For the rear axles on your truck, the drive axles, you can choose from a few different coverage options. Full fenders are tandem covers that protect two axles with a single fender. This is a popular option because it offers the maximum amount of protection for your truck cab and trailer. Overall, these are the safest options for most trucks.

However, some truck drivers find that the full fender design can get in the way of accessing different parts of the truck. In particular, full fenders can sometimes make coupling and uncoupling more challenging. Additionally, they can make it more difficult to check tires for wear. Plus, they are more expensive than smaller options. But they sure do look cool!

Iowa 80 has numerous full fender options to choose from. This includes fenders that go straight across the tops of the two tires and ones that dip in the middle. Additionally, we have several material options. This is a great way to protect two axles while saving money compared to having two single-axle fenders.

Half Fenders

As the name suggests, a half fender is almost like a full fender cut in half. It is designed like a tandem cover for two axles. However, it barely reaches over the second axle if at all. Most half fenders are designed with a long, straight section at the top that reaches towards the second axle.

These fenders offer reasonable coverage and protection from debris and dirt. They also offer more access than full fenders, especially to the uncovered axle. They are less expensive than full fenders due to being smaller. Some drivers with low-sitting trailers like this style because it is less obstructive.

Iowa 80 has metal, fiberglass and polymer half fenders. They are available in various colors and designs to suit your aesthetic preferences.

Quarter Fenders

A quarter fender is a very small design that only shields a portion of one axle. It can be used on both single and tandem axle setups. They are typically the most useful for trucks that need only a minimal amount of spray and debris protection.

Compared to all the other fender options, quarter fenders are the least expensive and the simplest to install. They can be effective at protecting the cab in certain conditions. However, if there is substantial spray or debris, these will usually not be sufficiently effective. Quarter fenders also offer a significant amount of access to the truck and tires.

Iowa 80 stocks numerous chrome, fiberglass, polymer and stainless steel quarter fender models. You can find one that will match the style of your truck.

Single Axle

Finally, there are single-axle fenders. These offer full coverage of one axle. They can be used on tandem axles; however, they may interfere with each other if the two axles are close together – always measure before you buy to be sure there is enough room

This is one of the most popular options for truck operators. Typically, they provide the most spray protection, exceeding even that of full tandem fenders. They are usually the most expensive option because every axle needs its own fenders, but they give a high-end look

At Iowa 80, we have aluminum, fiberglass, polymer and stainless-steel single axle fenders. We also have several design options offering different amounts of coverage. For example, you could choose super long fenders that extend down towards the road. Additionally, many of our fenders, especially the polymer ones, are available in several color options.

Order Your Truck Fenders Today

With the above information about semi truck fender types, you should be able to find the right fenders for your needs. Many truck drivers make their decisions based on looks and budget – don’t forget about the install budget too. However, you should also make sure that you are getting a size that will work for your truck’s wheels. Check out the full catalog of truck fenders from Iowa 80. Whether you want chrome, matte black or any other look, we have you covered. Order today.

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