Top Semi Truck Product Trends 2019

Trucking requires a dedicated workforce, individuals who are not only willing but comfortable to spend the majority of their work day behind the wheel of a rig. The job can be lonely, and some days will undoubtedly feel longer than others, but truckers are a tough breed. However, the difficulties of the position are why it is essential to make your truck and cab as comfortable as possible. Most of the best semi truck products of 2019 are created to make cab living easier and cleaner. However, to make this list more informative, the items have been broken down into two categories: (1) essentials and (2) comforts and other things.


There are plenty of elements and products that could be considered essentials. However, every driver will likely argue the merits of most things on any list except a few, but even narrowing down to a few things can elicit tensions and annoyances. Therefore, while semi truck essentials run the gamut of electronics, cleaning and other supplies, this list is focused on only a few universal needs.

Floor Protection

Any driver understands the need for good quality floor protection. With cross-country routes and even regional routes, truck stops and weigh stations are of varying quality, and when you need to make a pit-stop, it is impossible to know what kind of muck may make its way back to your truck by way of your boots. Therefore, semi truck floor mats are essential, especially anything from Peterbilt and Kenworth, offering maximum protection with durable rubber mats.

Mud Guards

Mud guards or flaps are another essential element for any truck. While these tools may not increase your comfort level, they do provide a fair amount of protection for the underside of your vehicleas well as for other vehicles around you. Again, when looking for high-quality, go with Peterbilt or Caterpillar mud flaps. Coming in a variety of shapes and sizes, mud guards can be customized or purchased directly to fit any style or make of truck.


For those long-haulers who pull in a lot of late night hours or drive many low-light country roads, ensuring maximum lighting on your rig is necessary for both oncoming traffic and you. There is nothing worse than riding a backroad late at night and having some little sedan come flying through a stop sign because they didn’t see your rig mid-intersection. LED Lights are tremendously helpful for illuminating your rig and trailer. However, beyond the helpfulness, LEDs are typically brighter than standard bulbs and last much longer. 

While many can argue about semi truck necessities, it is safe to say that almost every trucker will agree on these three elements. Now, where things get fun is looking into items that may be considered comfort items but can also still be referred to as essentials.

Comforts and Other Items

While coolers and other items are not included on this list, it does not mean that they aren’t valuable. Again, there is plenty of debate to be had over comfort items, but there are a couple of universal exceptions. 


Trucking can be a long, lonely and grueling job, but no trucker can afford to get tired or lose focus. That is why semi truck radios, such as Delphi or Panasonic’s Heavy Duty, are so popular— allowing truckers to be entertained while remaining alert and focused.


While secondary to many things on this list and others, semi truck hood ornaments are an excellent way to customize your rig. A truck is a home away from home and should have some glimpse of your personality.

While many lists talk about semi truck trending products, how you design your cab and vehicle are personal decisions. No one can tell you which products suit your needs, so go exploring and find the right products for your rig and style.

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