February 4, 2023

Top Semi Truck Accessories for Summer

As any trucker knows, the summer can be a nightmare for driving long distances. The sticky heat and prolonged sun exposure can result in a sweaty, uncomfortable ride, leaving many drivers wondering how to keep cool in your semi truck. 

The struggle is nothing new, and thankfully, through the decades, manufacturers have found several ways to make long summer drives more bearable beyond air conditioning in the cabin. There are many tools you can use to make your summer journeys more enjoyable, with improved ventilation, sightlines, storage, and so much more.

Window Shades & Vent Shades

Some of the best summer accessories for semis include window shades and vent shades. As any driver knows, ventilation is crucial in the summer months. With the installation of window shades and deflectors, it is possible to enjoy bright sunny days and even rainy ones. Window shades prevent the harsh heat from direct sunlight, and vent shades or deflectors allow you to get air circulation even when it rains, keeping you dry.

These vital semi truck accessories can be pressure mounted or mounted with adhesive tape. In-channel mounts use the window channel to provide tension and keep the shade in place. Stick-on mounts work just as advertised.

Semi Truck Visors

Semi truck visors are similar to window shades in that they provide protection from the sun. However, it can be argued that visors are more important than shades because they keep a driver’s line of sight intact.

With the number of potential distractions facing big rig drivers, it is essential to minimize as many as possible to protect the precious cargo, including the operator. You want to select a visor that suits your needs. For example, most options come in stainless steel, but the designs will vary. A simple drop-down design provides ample sun protection, but you can also find bow-tie and other textured styles. You can mount these trusty visors on your semi truck’s windshield. 

Mini Fridges & Coolers

Staying hydrated and maintaining adequate nutrition on the road is crucial to driver safety, especially in the summer. Mini fridges and coolers can help ensure a drink and a snack are always close by. Save money and time!s a trucker, you know it is challenging to schedule regular breaks for meals. With a fridge, you no longer have to worry about skipping lunch or dinner because the weather isn’t cooperating or you run into construction-related delays.

Cooling Seat Covers

A significant part of the trucker lifestyle involves sitting for long periods. It is not uncommon for a driver to develop backaches or neck pain. A heating or cooling seat cover or seat can make a world of difference.

Beyond being good for aches and pains, a cooling seat cover can help combat some of that summertime heat, allowing you to enjoy the drive rather than dread it. Remember, part of your success depends on ensuring your comfort in the cab.

Summer Accessories

While it is easy to worry about heat and abundant sunlight during the summer, you are not going to be driving during the day all the time, and sometimes you will want to relax in your cab. Therefore, make sure to decorate or spruce up the interior of your cab to make it comfortable. 

A significant part of comfort is ensuring adequate lighting at night. You can install LED lights and strips to ensure the inside of your truck can provide enough light when you need it.

Driving a big rig is not an easy job, but the summer provides some new challenges, specifically heat and sunlight. With the above accessories, it is possible to maintain a comfortable environment to make those long road trips possible. Contact a local supplier to discuss the above accessories or to find solutions for your trucking needs.

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