June 16, 2021

Top 5 Winter Accessories Every Trucker Needs

It is time for freezing temperatures, snow, ice and blustery weather. The winter can be beautiful and fun. However, it is also a challenging season for truck drivers. Fortunately, a little preparation can help you stay safe and comfortable during the winter. Below are five of the best products for winter truck driving that you should invest in this year.

1) Bunk Warmer

There are few things worse than being too cold at night in your cab. Sure, you can leave your engine running all night but that is noisy and expensive. Instead, get a bunk warmer. This simple product is essentially an electric blanket designed for trunk cab beds. It will help you stay warm and comfortable even on the coldest nights.

2) AutoSock or Tire Chains

The snow and ice can make it difficult to get tractions, especially when you have been parked overnight. Getting tire chains or an AutoSock for each of your wheels is a must. These items can be major difference-makers when you find yourself stuck in the snow. Don’t forget to remove them once you get unstuck, they aren’t ideal for anything other than low-speed travel.

3) Reflective Coat

One of the most concerning challenges of the winter is the reduced visibility. During a snowstorm or even just a dark night, it can be difficult for motorists to see you if you need to stop on the side of the road. Get a reflective jacket to stay safe. Better yet, this will help you stay warm and dry on those chilly nights.

4) Winterfront

Your truck’s engine gets very cold during the winter, especially if you are parked for a few hours. Help keep the heat in your cab and engine area with a winterfront. This insulated cover goes over your grill and traps the heat in. This is especially important when you are trying to start your truck after being stopped. Winterfronts also help make the cab more comfortable.

5) Cleaning Supplies

Beyond the cold weather and slippery roads, you also need to contend with salt during the winter. If you have any chrome or exposed metal, you need to invest in some good cleaning supplies. Unfortunately, all those shiny accents will tend to rust during the winter from the road salt and dirt. Making a habit of cleaning regularly can keep your truck in the best possible condition.

While cleaning supplies may not be the most exciting trucker gear, they are important. Furthermore, you have to live in your cab. It makes sense to give it a good cleaning from time to time. A good cleaning kit is all you need.

Get Your Winter Accessories for Truckers

Invest in the above accessories and you will be in good shape for the upcoming winter. The cold weather can make driving your truck more challenging. However, winter can also be beautiful and a lot of fun. When you are properly prepared, you can enjoy the advantages of winter without stressing about the challenges. Get your accessories today and be ready to take on any and all cold weather.

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