July 5, 2022

Top 10 Semi Truck Exhaust Parts

Customizing your semi truck’s exhaust is a great way to improve your performance, mileage and efficiency when you’re on a long haul. Picking out different aftermarket parts to use on your truck’s exhaust system can also give you a way to uniquely express yourself with your vehicle’s look. The key is to carefully choose exhaust parts that add style or functionality to your truck. Here are the top 10 semi truck exhaust parts that you can equip on your vehicle to boost its look or power.

1. Top Stacks

If you want your truck’s coolness factor to increase exponentially, consider adding a set of top stacks to your semi. One or a pair of glossy chrome tips can give your vehicle an instant upgrade in its style. Exhaust tips aren’t just about the look, they can also boost your vehicle’s performance by helping release hot exhaust fumes and make your engine run more efficiently. 

2. Muffler Inserts 

They say “loud pipes save lives”, but most drivers don’t want to be too loud. The next way you can upgrade your vehicle’s exhaust system and make it more efficient and pleasing is with muffler inserts. This exhaust system accessory will maintain the chrome straight stack look, but tame down the loud noise and rattle to a tolerable level. Muffler inserts are designed to direct the exhaust fumes from your truck through the system more efficiently. The end result is better performance and a quieter, more peaceful journey. When you spend hours or days on the road, this is a welcome alternative to the loud noises of your truck engine.

3. Stack Kits

Get the classic, chrome straight stack look with a full stack kit. Stack kits come with everything you need to add dual stacks to your semi truck. With a set of straight stacks equipped on your semi, you can get more power and speed from your vehicle when climbing steep inclines or attempting to pass another car on the road – not to mention that coveted show truck style. The dual stacks can work together to pull the noxious exhaust fumes out of your truck’s system and away from your vehicle, giving it more flexibility to move forward on your route.

4. Mufflers

At some point in your semi truck’s life, you may also need to replace or upgrade the muffler. The stock muffler may be fine for a short time period, but if you want to get more out of your truck and extend its lifetime, an upgraded muffler may be necessary. A better muffler can increase your truck’s horsepower and make inclines and hills easy to conquer. They may also improve the airflow in your vehicle’s exhaust system and quiet down the sounds of your vehicle’s engine during your road trips. 

5. Rain Caps

If you place top stacks on your vehicle, you may also want to consider adding another essential accessory, the rain cap. Truck stacks feature a vertical position and have an open end that leaves your vehicle vulnerable to damage from the rain, snow, sleet or other precipitation. To protect your vehicle and exhaust system from potential moisture and damage, think about buying a set of permanent installed rain caps or removable stack hat covers to close off the stacks and keep them from developing rust or other issues from rain getting stuck inside.  

6. Y-Pipes

The next item on your list if you want a better, more effective exhaust system is a simple, but important part, the y-pipe. Y-pipes are a straightforward piece of chrome pipe that splits into two directions in the shape of the letter “Y.” When you add a y-pipe to your exhaust system, you create the possibility of a dual exhaust system. This helps redirect exhaust fumes and limit the wear and tear on your vehicle. It also improves your vehicle’s performance and gas mileage, which can be a great way to save money on your driving costs.

7. Adapters & Couplers

Since every semi truck is unique, it’s also important to get the right supplies that match your vehicle’s exact specifications, such as adapters and couplers. When designing a new and improved custom exhaust system, do your research to find the parts that fit your new setup perfectly. Do you have OEM exhaust? A coupler will allow aftermarket parts to mate up to the factory system. These parts can help piece your new exhaust system together and connect all of the components securely. Look for items made in either chrome or stainless steel to ensure you get something that is durable and long-lasting in all types of weather conditions.

8. Stack Guards

Another part that can add practicality and safety to your exhaust setup is a stack guard. When you install top stacks on your vehicle’s exterior, there’s a possibility of accidentally grabbing the stack and burning your fingers or arm due to the intense heat the stacks emit from the exhaust’s fumes. Stack guards add that extra safety protection to your setup so you don’t have to worry about grabbing onto your stack to get in and out of your vehicle.

9. Muffler Guard

Similar to a stack guard, the muffler guard is another accessory that could help prevent problems from an overheated muffler or excessive noise. Having a piece like a muffler guard that adds an extra layer of protection between the hot exhaust and the other parts of your vehicle is a good idea when you spend so many hours pushing your truck to its maximum performance. A muffler guard can also add more sound reduction to your truck’s engine.

10. Top-of-the-line Exhaust Products

When you’re ready to start buying exhaust system parts, you also need to pay attention to quality, performance and construction. With the amount of driving you’ll do in your vehicle, you don’t want to change it with parts that can’t keep up with the demands of full-time truck driving. Iowa 80 offers the best chrome stacks from Dynaflex Products, Lincoln Chrome, and RoadWorks exhaust.  

Reconfiguring your semi truck’s exhaust system may give you some added benefits. You can help save on fuel mileage and the cost of filling up, improve your truck’s performance in the roughest road conditions and also make your journey quieter and calmer, or maybe just cooler. Check out these recommended essential parts when you are thinking about buying a new exhaust system.

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