Simple Ways To Keep Your Truck Looking Good This Summer

Your truck is more than just a vehicle. It’s your office space, your home away from home, and represents a huge investment. Using the best semi truck productsto keep your vehicle clean and looking its best on the inside as well as the outside not only helps keep you happy and more productive while working, it also makes a good impression on potential customers. The following tips can help your truck to shine during the sunny summer months. 

Tips for the Vehicle Exterior

There are several schools of thought about how to keep semi truck clean. Some people prefer power washers because they work fast, while others prefer handwashing the rig to preserve the paint job and protect their investment. 

If you choose to wash the rig yourself by hand, you can make the job a little easier on yourself by using an extended brush for the areas that are difficult to reach. There are a lot of nooks and crannies to get to on the exterior of a truck, but cleaning by hand with a soft natural-fiber wash mitt can help you reach them all. 

During the wet and slushy months of winter and spring, your truck is likely to have accumulated all sorts of dirt and grime, such as salt and dried mud. To clean your semi truck of these materials more effectively, it is a good idea to invest in a soap specifically formulated for automotive use, which also goes easier on the paint. 

To really make your vehicle shine, as well as to protect the exterior from damage and corrosion, you should finish your truck wash with wax on the body and polish on the chrome. 

Keeping the windows clean is not only a matter of pride; clear visibility is also key to safe operation of your vehicle. Unfortunately, the return of warm weather also brings with it a resurgence in the bug population. When these little pests smash into your windshield, it not only looks awful but affects visibility. Bug guts are also very difficult to remove from a vehicle, so it is helpful to invest in one or more bug shields to prevent insects from hitting your windshield in the first place.

However, when it comes to bugs smashing into your truck, your windshield isn’t the only area you need to worry about. Insects can also crash into the front of your truck, sometimes working their way through the grill to gum up the engine. Bug screens are effective at preventing this and can also add a decorative touch to your truck exterior. 

Tips for the Vehicle Interior

Fewer people are likely to see the interior of your truck cab, but that’s no reason to neglect keeping it clean and well-organized. Keeping the cab neat and free of messes can improve your mood when you’re not working and help you focus better when you are. Here are some examples of products that can aid you in keeping your truck’s interior comfortable and livable:

  • A small 12-volt wet/dry vacuum cleaner allows you to handle almost any mess as soon as it occurs.
  • An air cleaner removes bad smells without having to breathe in spray chemicals.
  • A pair of overshoes can keep your driving shoes clean when you need to go outside during wet or messy conditions.
  • A small garbage can or wastepaper basket prevents trash from piling up inside your truck cab. 
  • Wet wipes are effective for wiping down just about anything, and some also have germ-fighting capabilities to help keep you from getting sick. 

Semi truck products for summer can help preserve the good that you did during your annual spring cleaning. Check out our selection of products to clean and protect your vehicle today. 

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