Semi Truck Windshield Safety: When a Crack Is More Than Just a Crack

A cracked windshield is a common problem – but its adverse effects are many.

From the expense to repair or replace a windshield, the time lost when a truck is taken out of service, and the potential safety hazards chipped and cracked windshields cause, chips and cracks can wreak havoc on a trucker’s life. However, there are steps you can take to help prevent windshield chipping and cracking such as using a windshield strengthening solution like C-Bond NanoShield Plus ™.

Once they do occur, chips and cracks tend to be easy to spot due to the size of a truck windshield and could therefore trigger a roadside inspection, which can be problematic for truckers already on a tight schedule.

Below is some information to remind you of your responsibilities if you run into problems with your windshield. For more information on the specific DOT windshield regulations, click here.

  1. Keep your windshield free and clear of debris and keep your windshield wipers in good shape.  Your truck must have a windshield wiping system and a windshield washing system with fluid to be in compliance with Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration regulations.
  2. Keep windshield discoloration in check, which can impair a driver’s view. Coloring or tinting of windshields and the windows to the immediate right and left of the driver is allowed, provided the parallel luminous transmittance through the colored or tinted glazing is not less than 70 percent of the light at normal incidence in those portions of the windshield or windows which are marked as having a parallel luminous transmittance of not less than 70 percent. The transmittance restriction does not apply to other windows on the commercial motor vehicle.
  3. Keep an eye on chips and cracks. Chips can quickly escalate into cracks. If a chip occurs and a repair is possible, get it fixed quickly before more serious damage occurs and a total windshield replacement is necessary. Once a crack intersects with another crack, you will need to repair or more likely than not replace your windshield immediately.

Beyond saving time and money by keeping your truck on the road, more importantly, it has been proven that chips or cracks in a driver’s field of vision can increase reaction time, which could be lethal.

C-Bond NanoShield Plus has been proven to increase driver reaction time and visibility in wet weather conditions due to its advanced hydrophobic technology built directly into the windshield strengthener. Not only does the product help keep your windshield free from chips and cracks, the integrated water repellent displaces moisture to help keep glass clear, an important safety benefit for drivers.

C-Bond NanoShield Plus™ Windshield Kit is available for purchase at

With truck windshields averaging one replacement every year, C-Bond NanoShield Plus can provide a cost-effective solution to an expensive and recurring problem.

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  1. It’s good to know that a chip or crack in a windshield can increase response or reaction time. My brother drives a semi for a living and has to keep close tabs on his windshield. If he gets a crack that seems to be growing at a regular rate, he has to get his windshield replaced.

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