February 4, 2023

Semi Truck Visors – Which Style Is Best For You?

You expect to face more road hazards when driving in rain or snow, but even bright sunny days can pose a risk. Sun blindness is rarely the only cause of a collision, but a recent University of Toronto study reveals that it can increase your accident risk by about 16%. When you can’t avoid the sun, semi truck sun visors are your best defense. With many styles to choose from, you’re sure to find one that meets your needs and fits your truck.

Bow-Tie Visors

Bow-tie semi-truck visors get their name from their telltale physical shape. Most have taller ends and a tapered point in the middle. Forward bow ties feature a straight bottom with a V-shaped top, while reverse bowtie visors have a straight top with a V-shaped bottom. Wicked visors have a somewhat similar shape, but they’re more pinched in the middle than bowtie visors.

Many visors drop straight down without extending very far from the windshield. You might call this a Darwin or Gangster style. You’ll see them in stainless steel or chrome-painted steel versions. They offer sun protection while adding a stylish touch to your rig.

Drop Visors

As one of the simplest styles – and most popular – on the market, drop visors attach to the top of the cab and hang down in front of the windshield. These are typically more subtle in design and offer a sleek and elegant look while keeping the sun at bay. Their lengths and degrees of drop can vary, so consider your rig and driving needs as you shop. You want an optimal balance of great looks and visibility without obstructing too much of your windshield.

Factory Style

As their name implies, factory style drop visors closely match the originals installed on many rigs. With their standard angles and drop lengths, they block out blinding sunlight without covering most of the windshield. Many replace OEM visors and can install with factory brackets and no drilling. Before you buy, keep your rig’s specs in mind. Make sure that the visor you buy can be installed on your make and model of truck.


Gangster drop visors look a little like standard drop visors but exhibit a couple of key differences. Many gangster visors have a slightly rounded bottom edge. But you can also recognize them by the telltale holes – usually three to four vertical lines of holes evenly spaced throughout the visor’s body. Other styles may have five, six or seven lines of holes.

So, why are the holes even there? They give you the option for mounting lights on the visor. Gangster visors usually sport an aerodynamic shape and hug the windshield a little closer than standard drop visors. Their aggressive looks can help your rig achieve a bolder, more standout style.

OEM Style

Factory and OEM style visors share some similarities. They both deliver OEM fit and performance, but the major difference is that OEM visors are literally original equipment. Most have a very modest angle and drop, so they don’t hug too closely to your windshield. And since they’re OEM, they also won’t run afoul of federal and state regulations. You’ll enjoy protection from sun blindness with plenty of remaining visible surface of your windshield.

Road safety requires using the best precautions. And when you’re driving a fully loaded 40-ton semi, you can’t afford to take chances. Drop visors keep sunlight away from your windshield, helping prevent dangerous sun glare that can slow your reaction time and increase your risk of road accidents. As a bonus, they also deflect rain, snow and debris away. Knowing your rig and driving habits is vital for picking the best drop visor. Choosing a reputable truck accessories dealer ensures you get high-quality parts and fair prices.

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